Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Step back from the television set and enjoy a night learning wellness classes, fun beauty classes and fitness classes in your own home! Spa-Go's brings the instructor to your door.

Can share class with up to four guests.
60 Minutes for $125.00 and 90 Minutes for $185.00

Make-Up Application How-To’s: Learn how to bring out your best features, from fresh face to glamour. Lots of quick tips…

Skin Care Class: Learn how to work with your skin type and any problem areas you wish to correct or improve…

Massage Class: Learn the secrets of the professionals to help heal and spoil your family and loved ones. Choose From Swedish, Deep, Pregnancy, Infant, Senior or Assisted Living, Children’s Sports, or Spa (wraps, muds and scrubs)

Hair Care/Style/Braid Class: Learn how to style, curl, flat iron or braid your own hair or your daughter’s… A great how to… maximizing your selection of styles.

Nail Care Class: Learn the basic in nail care and shaping. Learn about polish shades, your skin tone and how to paint your own nails like a pro. (for French instruction, please book 90 minutes)

Aromatherapy Class: Learn how to mix the basic essentials and what synthetic and alcohol processed essences are and how they vary from essential organic oils.

Creation Station: Learn how to make bath salts, body lotions, massage oils, body glitters, lip balms, perfumes, spritzers, linen sprays and room misters.

Dog Massage: Learn a basic relaxation massage for your pet. Helps with overall health, internal function and circulation, reducing stress, decreasing aches and pains of aging and feels great!

Yoga, Pilates & Boot Camp Routines: These are classes that we like you to spend at least 6 weeks in class and then maintain the information and learning through their own routine. Because you can be injured doing the moves incorrectly, we appreciate you taking extra time to learn before going it on your own.

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