Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Today I am going to blog about inner peace and wellness. So many of our services are based on skin, hair, make-up, teeth color; your public and personal image. But to be truly healthy you must take the time to adjust your inner health and wellness. Proper thinking, proper nutrition, proper rest and peace of mind. All of these things factor into how you feel and how you react and thus how you look. We'll be addressing three services that help with energy, balancing energy and receiving a boost of energy...

Life can become so busy that we are only reacting to all the decisions that are listed on our to do list. No where on that list is a plan of success and action for our own mental health and wellness. Seeking therapeutic psychotherapy, our angel reader, palm readers, mediums or energy balancing are for those to use... as a tool...to gain insight and help reflect your own ideals and your own determinations. Working with someone to help you get there, safely, and with the least amount of scrapes, bruises, and stitches is better. I tend to recognize my own ill mood like others recognize a cold coming on. I say, I feel off and I dial 911 to my own rescue therapists. I use various healers for various symptoms of my self. Having a sense of others involved when I need a boost has been key to keeping everyone and everything going. Most don't know I parented my children alone, traveled across the world alone and began this company, alone... It's taken immense commitment, incredible forgiveness and heightened insight of who I am and where I am going. Most of us are alone in life.

Life is hard! Relationships are hard! Taking time for yourself is hard! It can be scheduled and Spa-Go's can help you do that with our lifestyle program. Scheduling in your life so that you don't go 10 years and say, "I miss having a yoga session in my day", or "I miss having regular feel good detoxification massages", "I've gained 10# this year", "I'm now smoking a pack a day and drinking a bottle of wine a night, not good..." SCHEDULE YOUR LIFE! We offer 10% off all services when booking for your year. For example: 12 massages a year; 12 manicures/pedicures; 12 energy balances and boosts; 52 fitness and 52 yoga sessions; 6 hair care sessions and 12 facials. That's cool, you are set. You will now have invested in something that gives you greater pleasure than a material object.

When we are not feeling well about ourselves, internally, it begins to shift our energy downward. You need energy to travel up and travel down throughout your body. Your need to have peace in your life to rejuvenate. Shiatsu, Yoga and Reiki are the best energy treatments and wellness forms to use in maintaining and living "in touch" with yourself internally. More than massage even. A combination of all is optimal wellness. Your "self" is your greatest asset in life and good health is the key to a very long life.

Energy services such as Reiki, Shiatsu and Yoga have been practiced and used for millions of years. Documented in almost all cultures, some earlier than others. It is documented that your ENERGY is the true key to your health, your luck, your success and your relationship with yourself and others. The Chinese call it chi, Japanese call it ki, Americans and Western Europe call it energy. Shiatsu is a system of pressing and rubbing, rolling, rocking and stimulating the body from inside out. The vibrations and pressing helps to stimulate the energy, right through the center of the body,into the organs, the joints.

I created a Shiatsu service, called East-West that incorporates gentle overall body pressure point work, rolling the limbs through my hands, tapping and rocking the body back and forth and up and down. I use aromatherapy to stimulate the room and the mental energy through inhalation. I use gentle stretching to simulate yogic postures that are gentle and to the limits of the joints. It is accompanied with Japanese music by Kitaro. It's a fantastic treatment.

HAVE AN ENERGY PARTY. SHIATSU, YOGA OR REIKI PARTY... Sushi, Sake and Shiatsu, where each guest receives a mini shiatsu service. This service is equal to our office mini choice where each worker gets an opportunity to choose a variety of treatments. The shiatsu one, remarkably, is the favorite, over chair massage or back massages. Why? Because it stimulates and relaxes the entire body, head to toe. I end the service with a steamed towel to the feet or the face. Absolutely our healthiest service.

Book a shiatsu now and SAVE $40! June special, on sale for the same price as a Swedish. $125/hour; $187.50/90 minutes. Corporate and families may share the hour into 4 ways, no additional cost. Call our office 818/249-7724.

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