Saturday, June 26, 2010


Everyone should have a personal trainer, someone who monitors the strength, flexibility and percentage of fat. It is so hard in LA to not over do it... From the fantastic food and drinks, the cupcake shops alone will kill any diet. Did you know Spa-Go's has personal trainers? Yes! Spa-Go's has personal trainers, yoga instructors, yoga and healing harp sessions and pilates experts. Your group can even customize a day of health related mini spa services and a day of introductory yoga, pilates and boot camp experiences to ease your workers into a healthier lifestyle.

Better yet, have daily yoga or weekly yoga programs for your office. Small groups are encouraged and we also love large groups. Walk-Fits start at $75 and a specialist is generally $125-$350/session. Add massage, a detox body wrap or a nice salty exfoliation. Spa-Go's even has athletes, non professional, that will challenge you in your game of choice, (tennis, soccer, racquetball, running, basketball, baseball, go karting, skateboarding, bicycling on the beach walk and other fun sports).

Spa-Go's can even find a professional healthy lifestyle personal assistant to you, so you will have an easier time maintaining or perfecting your health and body. Reasonable rates for all of our personal care attendants.

Please allow 3 days when scheduling services and remember us for all your private, party and gift giving needs. 818/249-7724.

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