Tuesday, June 29, 2010


YOU WON'T BELIEVE IT! But it's true. Spa-Go's provides healthy lifestyle personal assistants, the extra two hands you have always wanted... Our personal assistants are screened to meet your needs and qualifications and are practicing a healthy lifestyle. This way, if you are striving to live a healthier lifestyle, having someone beside you that has the same goal creates a better chance for success. Our assistants come with minimal skills and can perform private errand and shopping duties to advanced skills in the banking and business sectors. We have multi-lingual and some have healing arts training.

Spa-Go's provides training to your already beloved staff, so that they can take care of you better! You pay the training costs and they come and learn and are given a certificate and... you now have a housekeeper that can give an amazing 25 point foot reflexology massage. Give her an additional $10 for her hour's time and I bet she will love the break in her day to play with the products and oils and helping you relax. It's a whole new world!

(write me for my class list, I teach over 80 healing arts and instructional classes.. I think everyone should know a few to impress their friends and family with, not to forget that special someone. Learn simple massages to shiatsu, thai stretching, easy cleansing facials and how to do a top notch mani/pedi, plus more!).

Spa-Go's also can provide someone to organize your garage, make sure no unsafe material is within it, and organize your closets.

While running the business, Shaina and myself have discovered the most amazingly skilled professionals. To be a licensed healing arts therapist, you have to be background checked thoroughly by the police departments and the State. If they aren't and you wish a background check to be performed, we'll handle the details.

We only charge $10/hour on the head of their salary. If you wish to hire them from us, for your full time staffer, we only take $350 if they been with us less than a month and 20% of their yearly salary if they have been with us over 30 days. We know the BEST people in LA and if we don't have the right person, WE'LL FIND THEM!

This program is perfect for someone struggling with addictions and a support person that can help out as well, is the best for getting back on track.

We love matching up super cool people that can enhance your life and lifestyle. That's what life is about, LIVING! Living the best life possible.

Next week, I'll tell you about our scrap booking stylists... If you are like me and have your pictures and memories in a box some where, and all your to-do lists say that you want to put them in beautiful memory books and display your loved ones... you won't want to miss my next blog. I also have a new mud to talk about (i just had a Moor spa Austrian facial... OMG!), that's to come too...

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Everyone should have a personal trainer, someone who monitors the strength, flexibility and percentage of fat. It is so hard in LA to not over do it... From the fantastic food and drinks, the cupcake shops alone will kill any diet. Did you know Spa-Go's has personal trainers? Yes! Spa-Go's has personal trainers, yoga instructors, yoga and healing harp sessions and pilates experts. Your group can even customize a day of health related mini spa services and a day of introductory yoga, pilates and boot camp experiences to ease your workers into a healthier lifestyle.

Better yet, have daily yoga or weekly yoga programs for your office. Small groups are encouraged and we also love large groups. Walk-Fits start at $75 and a specialist is generally $125-$350/session. Add massage, a detox body wrap or a nice salty exfoliation. Spa-Go's even has athletes, non professional, that will challenge you in your game of choice, (tennis, soccer, racquetball, running, basketball, baseball, go karting, skateboarding, bicycling on the beach walk and other fun sports).

Spa-Go's can even find a professional healthy lifestyle personal assistant to you, so you will have an easier time maintaining or perfecting your health and body. Reasonable rates for all of our personal care attendants.

Please allow 3 days when scheduling services and remember us for all your private, party and gift giving needs. 818/249-7724.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Spa-Go's Luxury Mobile Day Spa brings the day spa experience to you, your friends, your family, your event and your work mates. Bachelorette party, bridal party, baby shower, corporate event, employee appreciation, charity and wellness spa parties are the latest win-win. You and your guests will enjoy a luxury spa set up within the comfort of your own home, office or hotel.

Spa-Go's has the best massage menu and event menu of services. You can have all of Spa-Go's specialty services split for a mini, breaking it down into 6 shares. No extra charge! An office group of 3 can split their hour of manicures, enjoying the same one price, only shared!. We call it time-sharing for the greatest economical spa deal out there...

Families, offices, parties and events can now have parties and include wellness services that make attending fun and pampering. Not everyone takes the time to get their services in today's hustle and bustle. A little spa treat is the best treat a host can give their guests. An office survey says a little massage is better than a Turkey at thanksgiving time. One of our customers who added a relaxation retreat suite at their location says increased mood, spirit and positive attendance spiked and felt that their employee actually cared about their well being and their stress levels, not just about their health. They felt their employee understood they were motivated by their spirit. Without much time to decompress at home with their family and then after work with their children's programs, dinner and then an hour of television and to bed. Adding a wellness program is known for making better relationships at the office.

Have Spa-Go's at your next event. Rates are $125/hour plus a 20% gratuity. If you spend over a thousand dollars with us, we throw in alot of upgrades and extras, we even throw in an hour massage, on us! (value $150). Children's parties are priced at $100/hour. Charity parties are priced at $100-125/hour. Remember, your per guest pricing is dependent upon how long each of your guests stays in the station or you determine how long you wish your guest to be treated.

For example, if you have 6 guests and you want them to pick two 15 minute spa treats off the menu you have selected, that would be 30 minutes per guest or 3 hours of service time. $125x3=$375.00 for a party of 6 to have a half hour each, two minis. GREAT SPA DEAL! That is just $62.50 per guest. (plus gratuity).

Employers...turn your corporate meeting room into a spa lounge for the day and reward your employees with corporate massages and spa services. Bridal and Bachelorette party planners can enjoy facials, pedicures, manicures, hair styling, eye lash extensions, temporary tattoos and massages before the big event to kick things off. Let Spa-Go's Bedazzle you for your event and even have a mini pre party styllng station for your VIP's. Spa-Go's is used to doing small parties and have experience catering to over 350 guests, we love big parties too!



You will be treated to your choice of the below services at our pre-party event to benefit XXX.
You may select: Lavender Dreams, Herbal Garden, Coconut Dreams, Roses, Angel Care or Lemons.
Luxury based organic product lines.


Lavender Dreams Manicure: Enjoy a soothing luxury manicure. Your hands will be treated to a wonderful manicure using our Lavender Dreams natural organic shea butter sugar scrub. Followed with warming steamed towels. Your choice of Purple OPI polish, any shade you desire. Add one of our customized decals for extra fun.

Lavender Dreams Pedicure: Your pedicure begins with an application of our all natural Lavender Dreams organic shea butter sugar scrub followed with steamed towels wrapped around your feet, a cuticle clean up and massage. Your choice of Purple OPI polish, any shade you desire. Add one of our customized decals for extra fun.

Lavender Dreams Foot Reflexology Massage: Your feet are scrubbed with our all natural Lavender Dreams organic shea butter sugar scrub then wrapped in steamed towels. Enjoy a health rejuvenating 25-point acupressure foot massage. This includes stretching, massaging, 25 acupressure points, stretching each toe. This service ends with tapping to the foot and lower leg.

Hand, Wrist and Forearm Revitalization: This is a great service for those with carpal tunnel and arthritis. Begins with steamed towels wrapped over your arm followed by a wonderful pressure point massage to soothe tension and relax tired arms and hands. Leaves your arms and hands feeling relaxed and renewed, soft and smooth.

Shiatsu Acupressure Body Balance: Relax on our deluxe massage table for a special Japanese style service using acupressure pressure points, tapping, stretching and rocking of the whole body. This series of movements is performed from head to toe ending with steamed towels wrapped around your feet.

Neck & Shoulder Rejuvenation: Relax on our deluxe massage table for a wonderful neck and shoulder pressure point massage with gentle stretching of the neck and rhythmic kneading to loosen the stress and leave you feeling refreshed.

Ayurvedic Style Scalp Massage: Good for the brain and cranial stress. Relaxes the head, neck and facial muscle groups. Great for the brainiacs, geniuses or those suffering from eye strain, headaches and general mental stress.

Aromatic Chair Massage: Enjoy a seat in our deluxe massage chairs. Your service starts with an aromatherapy inhalation followed by a full back massage, 10 spinal pressure points, shoulder and arm rolling. This service ends with gentle tapping and karate chopping.

Professional Hair Styling: Have a seat at our professional Hollywood Vanity styling stations and let our stylist give you a little bit of glamour. Enjoy a mini styling with your choice of hair décor, jewels, tie ins, or other fun hair bling. (hair décor is additional and priced per guest).

Professional Make-Up Application: A quick professional touch-up to include dramatic eyes using purple shadows and a bit of glamour and pizzazz. You’ll look great and feel special and have that professional touch for a true VIP.

Professional Face Painting: Just a little touch of paint to add drama and style to your face, shoulder area, hand or arm. Simple designs bring out the fun and focus of your event. Choose a small design or flower to a full party facial mask similar to designs worn by professional performers. Unique and creative.

Silver Tray Service: We have the most attractive staff wearing short bobbed pink wigs and carrying a silver tray with a host of small bites, small drinks or party favors. You decide what goes on the silver tray and we make sure the server is styled to meet your party theme. (large eyelashes and party eyes are popular when adding this attendant). This position is priced at $35-45/per hour, depending on attire requested.


Barbershop Services:

Shoe Shines (or tennis shoe clean-ups):

Nail Styling Only:

Tarot Card Reader

Angel Therapy Reader

Palm Reader

Belly Dancer

Jazz Singer


Yoga Class

Pilates Class

Cooking Class

Motivational Speaker

Men’s Hot Lather Facials

Mohawk & Crazy Hair Styling

Hair Décor/Bling
Jewelry, Bling or Ice Station

Creation Station

Bead Station

Cookie Decoration Station

Little Artist Painting Class

Boot Camp Fitness Class

Fencing & Sword Play

Dress Up (little girls fantasy play)

Boudoir Photo Sessions

Corporate & Family Make-Overs & Headshot Service

All Services Priced at $125.00/hour per staff person.
Each staff person must have at least one hour. There is a 20% gratuity placed on all services. We provide luxury on-site services. No delivery, set up/tear down fees. Goody bags and bath salts may be included or ordered. The below pricing is without gratuity added.

10 Minutes $21.00

15 Minutes $31.25

20 Minutes $41.67

25 Minutes $52.25

30 Minutes $62.50

35 Minutes $72.92

40 Minutes $83.34

45 Minutes $93.75
50 Minutes $105.00
55 Minutes $115.00
60 Minutes $125.00



More information can be found online at http://www.Spa-Gos.com

Friday, June 18, 2010


It's almost Father's Day... Spa-Go's wants to make sure we have a special going on. We are presently taking orders for gift certificates and last minute Sunday services. Now, until Father's Day at midnight, our Deluxe Swedish Massage (that includes aromatherapy and steamed towels), can be purchased for $50.00 off! Just $100.00 for an hour of luxury pampering... delivered right to your door!~

You can add on a manicure, pedicure, upgrade to a deep tissue or ask for a basket to be delivered in our new spa mobile.

Order Dad his favorite spa treat today. 818/249-7724.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Today I am going to blog about inner peace and wellness. So many of our services are based on skin, hair, make-up, teeth color; your public and personal image. But to be truly healthy you must take the time to adjust your inner health and wellness. Proper thinking, proper nutrition, proper rest and peace of mind. All of these things factor into how you feel and how you react and thus how you look. We'll be addressing three services that help with energy, balancing energy and receiving a boost of energy...

Life can become so busy that we are only reacting to all the decisions that are listed on our to do list. No where on that list is a plan of success and action for our own mental health and wellness. Seeking therapeutic psychotherapy, our angel reader, palm readers, mediums or energy balancing are for those to use... as a tool...to gain insight and help reflect your own ideals and your own determinations. Working with someone to help you get there, safely, and with the least amount of scrapes, bruises, and stitches is better. I tend to recognize my own ill mood like others recognize a cold coming on. I say, I feel off and I dial 911 to my own rescue therapists. I use various healers for various symptoms of my self. Having a sense of others involved when I need a boost has been key to keeping everyone and everything going. Most don't know I parented my children alone, traveled across the world alone and began this company, alone... It's taken immense commitment, incredible forgiveness and heightened insight of who I am and where I am going. Most of us are alone in life.

Life is hard! Relationships are hard! Taking time for yourself is hard! It can be scheduled and Spa-Go's can help you do that with our lifestyle program. Scheduling in your life so that you don't go 10 years and say, "I miss having a yoga session in my day", or "I miss having regular feel good detoxification massages", "I've gained 10# this year", "I'm now smoking a pack a day and drinking a bottle of wine a night, not good..." SCHEDULE YOUR LIFE! We offer 10% off all services when booking for your year. For example: 12 massages a year; 12 manicures/pedicures; 12 energy balances and boosts; 52 fitness and 52 yoga sessions; 6 hair care sessions and 12 facials. That's cool, you are set. You will now have invested in something that gives you greater pleasure than a material object.

When we are not feeling well about ourselves, internally, it begins to shift our energy downward. You need energy to travel up and travel down throughout your body. Your need to have peace in your life to rejuvenate. Shiatsu, Yoga and Reiki are the best energy treatments and wellness forms to use in maintaining and living "in touch" with yourself internally. More than massage even. A combination of all is optimal wellness. Your "self" is your greatest asset in life and good health is the key to a very long life.

Energy services such as Reiki, Shiatsu and Yoga have been practiced and used for millions of years. Documented in almost all cultures, some earlier than others. It is documented that your ENERGY is the true key to your health, your luck, your success and your relationship with yourself and others. The Chinese call it chi, Japanese call it ki, Americans and Western Europe call it energy. Shiatsu is a system of pressing and rubbing, rolling, rocking and stimulating the body from inside out. The vibrations and pressing helps to stimulate the energy, right through the center of the body,into the organs, the joints.

I created a Shiatsu service, called East-West that incorporates gentle overall body pressure point work, rolling the limbs through my hands, tapping and rocking the body back and forth and up and down. I use aromatherapy to stimulate the room and the mental energy through inhalation. I use gentle stretching to simulate yogic postures that are gentle and to the limits of the joints. It is accompanied with Japanese music by Kitaro. It's a fantastic treatment.

HAVE AN ENERGY PARTY. SHIATSU, YOGA OR REIKI PARTY... Sushi, Sake and Shiatsu, where each guest receives a mini shiatsu service. This service is equal to our office mini choice where each worker gets an opportunity to choose a variety of treatments. The shiatsu one, remarkably, is the favorite, over chair massage or back massages. Why? Because it stimulates and relaxes the entire body, head to toe. I end the service with a steamed towel to the feet or the face. Absolutely our healthiest service.

Book a shiatsu now and SAVE $40! June special, on sale for the same price as a Swedish. $125/hour; $187.50/90 minutes. Corporate and families may share the hour into 4 ways, no additional cost. Call our office 818/249-7724.