Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Senior nails can be tricky, we specialize in senior care and services offering a licensed tech under a doctor's care and recommendation.  We have a house physician that we can send out if you are unable to get to your own physician.  The medical group charges $300 for a home visit but he will go over many things giving in home care and personal and private attention.

Otherwise, have you own doctor give you an authorization or prescription with permission for services from a licensed massage, manicure, pedicure at your location and we will be all set to perform.  

Seniors are on sometimes dosages of medications, have certain health concerns where massage, facials, manicures or pedicures are not advised (very rare), but we want you to be safe first and pretty second.

Once we get permission from a medical provider that gives us the go ahead -  we will make sure you get the best in mobile care and services.

Our pricing is quite reasonable and we can schedule regular services where our licensed agent visits you monthly or more often.  Please take a moment to read the terrific article written below.

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