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I Love Competition!  When I see so many mobile salons and spas, or mobile event services or mobile anything I get excited!  I believe the world is changing, in home conveniences are here to stay! There is a world of talent and we cannot continue to bottle it and sit it on the shelf, we get everything delivered to us now, to save us time!  Ultimately, enriching our own life by creating an in home environment and lifestyle that gives back to us as human beings.

I was watching Sunday Edition this morning and there was a news story on, a mobile phone application - catering to anyone desiring an in home experience for beauty, salon, wellness services and more! (this company is only on the East coast at this time, but they are going to grow).

 I enjoy knowing that the business Spa-Go's, that I believed in when I was just starting out 10 years ago - is here to stay and my far fetched new idea that most everyone shook their head at and said "unsure if that will work or not", is working, across the country!   I am happy that my body of work was solid, despite the hardships it took to bring it and keep it here in the Los Angeles area market and I wish to thank each and every customer and each and every caller for helping to educate me and my team for hammering me on the head about the various requirements in their own fields so that we "get it right".  That's what is so great about working in a team, I get alot of perspectives; educated about trades I am not active in myself; feed back; and a sense of strength and community.

I went online to research how many other mobile spa and salons there were in variation in Los Angeles and I counted over 100 mobile service providers, (about 10,000 across California) whether they were private and just booking out themselves or they were a group of individuals with an owner.  It was overwhelming to see the number of people all desiring more control over their own life and work hours and wishing to take their talents on the road.  Promoting their own talents and skills allows the consumers to associate and affiliate with whom they desire as a service provider, customizing their own experience.  No longer are you stuck with the person on your own corner in life, people travel!  My team travels all of the greater LA area, however, we will get on a plane too, it's just the future.  Kim Kardashian takes her hair and make-up people with her and we have had a masseuse or two take a flight for on tour situations.  Mobile!  Gotta Love The Future...

I was very proud of the work I had put in over these last 10 years and the work of my team.  It's not easy being mobile!  Travel is tough in Los Angeles and you have to be extra clean, extra sanitary, your first impression must be 100%.  We have a team that works hard at providing 5 star service and experiences.  The good thing about Los Angeles is the melting pot of skills and talents and personalities in Spa-Go's team.  We cannot believe the level of education and expertise we find here.  You do have to sort through and select the right individuals for a team like Spa-Go's where we are continually customizing experiences for our clientele,

I think a mobile app like the one above by Veluxe is a good idea, however, the key to my success with Spa-GO's  is getting to know the workers and the experienced providers of care so that I can pick the right person for the client.  I don't think Veluxe has a way to screen applicants?  I'm unsure if I would want someone going to my home to provide services without actually having a working relationship with those being sent.  That being said - I love competition, as said above, because it reaffirms that Mobile Spa and Salons Are Here To Stay.

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