Tuesday, January 29, 2013

In Memory Of Our Beloved Guest, Anthony Caputo, Sr.

I wanted to share this slideshow with our many friends and clients, the guests of Spa-Go's.  We lost a beloved long time supporter of Spa-Go's, Anthony Caputo, Sr.  His daughter and son were so good to take such great care of him.  We had him as a guest for many years and he recently passed, just before the holidays.  He was a great doctor, one of the first in the establishment of Los Angeles.  He was a buckeye from Cleveland, Ohio.  He married and raised a family and helped the people of East Los Angeles have a clinic and good medical care, he was a valued member of his community and his friends and associates.  Doctor C. had regular massages by many of our staff, he was a joy to visit.  He will not be forgotten.  I created this slideshow at his celebration of life and wish to share it with you, in his memory.

Thank you Doctor C., Dina and Anthony Jr. for helping to provide a learning opportunity to myself and Spa-Go's and brainstorming about the forward care of our senior men.  We weren't sleeping at the wheel and are instituting plans for healing programs across the board.

Enjoy the slideshow...

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We love building relationships with our clients, giving them the best in home care.  Doctor Caputo always enjoyed Fank Sinatra music or other music of his younger days, memory recall (stories of his life provided to his caretaker for positive mental stimulation) and aromatherapy and lotion with a high amount of shea butter to help prevent bedsores and thicken/strengthen the fibers of the skin.  Doctor C. was a fabulous patient with a brilliant mind, it was wonderful to have him alert after or his daughter reported that he was so happy and it really  was helping with his body aches and pains.  He enjoyed the visits.  I hope we can help continue to bring good health care to the homes of those that need it.

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