Sunday, November 11, 2012



This amazing lemonade was featured by a herb company at a produce convention, HerbThyme.  I'm sure you could use their product or others and it would turn out the same.  Here is the delicious recipe

3 oz. Herb Thyme Basil
2 oz. Herb Thyme Rosemary
2 oz. Herb Thyme Edible Flowers
3 oz. Herb Thyme Mint
1 oz. Herb Thyme Lemon Grass
2 oz. Herb Thyme Orchids Lemon
2 oz. Herb Thyme Dill
1 oz. Herb Thyme Opal Basil
Fresh Lemons, Limes, Oranges

Your favorite powdered sugar-free lemonade or iced tea mix.  Follow directions on package to make 4 quarts of drink mix, add 2 gallons of water instead of packets directions.

You want the lemonade diluted so the taste of the herbs come through.  Remove the leaves from the basil mint and opal basil.  Gently but thoroughly work the herb leaves in your hands.  This helps the herbs to release their flavor into the lemonade.  Add herb leaves to the lemonade. Add dill, rosemary and lemon grass.  Vigourously sitr the herbs into lemonade.  Add ice to lemonade.  Slice fruit and add to lemonade.  Place the fruit slices so they lay flat against the side of the pitcher.  Add edible flowers and orchids on top of ice as garnish.  Let the herbs soak in an ENJOY!!!  Add additional lemonade and ice as needed.  No need to replenish the herbs if used within 24 hours, otherwise, discard herbs and start fresh, for the best taste.

Herb quantities listed are for 2-2.5 gallons of lemonade.

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