Thursday, December 22, 2011


 Anne Fisher - Creator, Owner of Spa-Go's
Master Licensed Therapist of Massage & Healing Arts

THANK YOU’S: Anne wishes to thank her daughter Shaina for her continued friendship and management support… for 6 years of committed service, climbing the tallest hill in LA with supplies in hand, for going without sleep each year during Nickelodeon’s KCA styling party, for answering countless phones, calling her mother daily and for always being there to encourage her.

Anne also thanks her son Raymond for his part in bringing awareness to issues outside of her life that others need and having the courage to face life's problems and  most of all for always bringing something new to the table and a smile to the moment.

Anne could not have made it this far without the companionship of her loyal pets: Frankie Frank, Lebron Jet , Gorgeous George, CW, Cindy-Lou, Charles and Hendrix.

Financial support has been provided by many clients and without the good people of Los Angeles standing by our side, Spa-Go’s success would not have been possible.

Spa-Go's amazing staff who lug their supplies and equipment all through LA, the 405, the 101, the 134, 210, 5, 118, 10 and the rest of the freeways and still manage to arrive and perform wonderful therapies; balancing life and work.  A few to mention are Helen, Cemo, Carla and Connie, Rebekah, Jessica, Heaven, Angel, Priscella, Therese, Leah, Sonjia, Pamela, Aja, Eric, Chad, Vera and Elodie and the World Styling Team.

Spa-Go's thanks vendors that have helped provide products: Pureology, Matrix, Graftobian, EO, Meyers, Hair Flairs, American Hair Imports, Hair Manya, Glop and Glam, Hair Ties by Caroline, nail decals by NailXpression and numerous others.. A special shout out to Beth Jessee, lead stylist of the World Styling Team & NIckelodeon KCA styling pary, owner of Jessee Salon Group in Adrian, Michigan.

Spa-Go's is the largest provider of mobile salon, spa and fitness providers in the Los Angeles area and offers free training, equipment loan and professional development. Spa-Go's is the only team with a single mom's team; African American team, a Vietnamese nail team and an all men's team.
Spa-Go's has 3 mother/daughter teams.

Spa-Go's prides itself on "Bringing Good Things To Life".

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