Monday, July 25, 2011


The picture on the top are my nails after 1 week of using a product that is new on the market and guarantees itself to be free of all toxic chemicals. The nails on the bottom are an image I found where the nails had been long time damaged by formaldehyde product, nail polish.

I purchased last year 535.00 of this "new" nail polish line. After removing my polish a week and a half later, my entire nail beds were so yellow. I buffed and bleached and tried all the remedies. I called the "nail polish company" and they assured me their polishes were safe. They then said they would refund me. REFUND NEVER CAME! In fact, not only did the refund never come, the owner of this line said eventually that the boxes I returned went to the wrong address and all but a few bottles were broken (96 bottles). She refused to let UPS inspect and left me hanging out to dry! Her associate told me they had located the agent and the color I had used had "yellowing" within it and would I please reconsider returning their products.

LONG STORY... I didn't get my money back, didn't get the few unbroken bottles back and have sent the paperwork off to my lawyer. What can I tell you.. 1) buy a known product, when you are applying any type of product, your health may be at risk. 2) small companies that are up and coming mean well, but are they really doing the necessary testing and can they afford to make the claims the larger companies make? 3) get refund or return policies in writing and make sure you are dealing with local vendors because dealing with companies across state lines can be tricky. 4) Call the FDA to report a company you feel is a threat or danger to the public's consumption.

I can tell you OPI, Essie, China Glaze, Zoya and others sold in your beauty and supply store are safe and I have never had any reaction to me or any of my customers. I can't tell you who the "bad polish" came from until my lawyer handles this case. I consider it a rip off and karma does prevail. If you wait long enough.

Please make sure you use a base coat to protect your nails from any harm and also make sure you use a reputable line. If they can't guarantee their product, offer you a refund if you purchase and won't give this to you in writing or offer it on their online website, PROCEED WITH CAUTION, regardless of how nice they are, how nice their site looks, or whether they are a solid "family" promoting themselves as honorable. Long term formaldehyde ingestion can be very damaging not to just your nails, but your organs. THANK GOD I took the polish off and even though I have, at this time, lost $535 to this company, I didn't lose my health and I didn't end up using or selling it to my valuable customer base. BEWARE.... crappy products are out there and some owners do not stand by their products and think they can swallow your money.

Stay tuned, after we go through the courts, I will be telling you what line was used so you can either avoid them or you can make sure you get a guarantee from them if your nails turn yellow for a full refund.

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