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I know it seems strange to most, but End of Life is part of life and Spa-Go's has studied for two years ways in which we can make it better. There are many ways to spend end of life. You may say, I think I'm covered. But you are probably talking about your "death", what your plans are after you die... End of life is before you die, but generally a time when you are sedentary and life is less than optimal. End of life can occur at all ages, unfortunately. End of life is as important as your baby years and important decisions need to be thought, recorded and put in place. We never really know when we will be at the mercy of others to fulfill our needs and lifestyle, when we cannot. Here are a few helpful points:

What type of music, food, flowers, scents, personal care products and various fabrics should be recorded. Not everyone is the same and if you don't choose some type of routine for yourself. What type of bed do you want to relax in, quality of sheets, pillows, even if you are moved from your home. If you don't specify, you will undoubtedly get nursing home bleached sheets, a white blanket or whatever someone has around, no seasonal fresh flowers, a varied diet that is more for the masses or easy for the caretaker and music? it will be what the household enjoys, not what you enjoy.

List each point of what is your most basic lifestyle and make a plan.

1) One hour of musical therapy a day would be nice. Go for two hours. Vary it and make sure you make a recording or have the music in question. The memory recall at times of stress, age or disease is tremendous in lifting the spirit.

2) Tea Therapy.. during times of stress, teas can bring a new amount of healing and health. What are your favorites? Have you ever had real tea? My favorite is Lavender Earl Grey.. We sell it, just ask me. I like Monkey Paw too and Apricot for cold teas. I think there is nothing more healing than a gorgeous vintage cup of hot tea. It just feels right.

3) A varied schedule of fresh flowers bedside is recommended and I recommend finding a florist that will bring you fragrant flowers, the sense of smell can be limited, but our sense of smell is very deep. We don't know if we can still benefit from the aromatherapy even if we cannot smell the essence. I believe we will still benefit at a deeper level due to the strength of the natural inhalation elements.

4) I have recorded a various amount of textile therapies to be draped in. I want to feel silk until the day I die, flannel on a rainy day and my satin pillow case. Please consider fabric as therapy when you can't have this.

5) I recommend an aromatherapy machine which you can get for $50 and under. You can then have real aromatic essences full of life dispersed throughout your room or house. Once you smell a room of lavender or roses from essential oils, your can of scent freshener will be tossed, guaranteed.

6) Pet therapy. I love pets, I can't imagine never being offered a chance to have the energy of a pet in my life, if I am bed ridden. I am sure I am the type, since growing up with animals, that would be lifted with the presence of an animal.

7) I don't like Mexican chicken and take out. I have to have lots of my favorites. Does someone know your favorites? Do they know what juice you like? Do you enjoy a certain alcohol? No you may not have alcohol in your diet, but it's sometimes nice to have a sip for celebration or a rub on your lips. I had a client who enjoyed whiskey and we would brush it on his pancakes, so little, but he loved it and the doctor allowed. His grandma's whiskey pancake recipe lived on until he left us. Make sure you have various elements of food listed so you can be served your favorites. Of course the doctor will let you know in the end, if you are sick, but if you are not sick, just ill, you may be allowed anything you like. Yogurt for me, fresh juice, preferable vegetarian diet. Can't live without my breads and sweets. Indian pastries. Redi Whip. Champagne.. Horehound candy, Lavender candies. Fudge from Mackinaw Island. Fresh Fruit.. Tacos soft fried with ground meat, cilantro and green onions. Or take out from my fav. bakery and restaurants. I need I need, as Bob Wiley would say. It's the little things...

8) Perfumes, colognes, fragrances... I don't know how many seniors who have bland no fragrance brands. I realize that some hospitals require no scent, but in home is ok. You can blend your own and enjoy natural essential oil fragrances without alchol or spritzs. Enjoy moisturizers as the skin during stress becomes dehydrated and needs moisture. Lips need moisture. You may need to direct those to apply these things to you because they are not "medically necessary", it is more of a higher quality of lifestyle. Bath with shea butter soap, moisturizer added after bath, dusting with powder and his favorite cologne applied. It's also an element of routine that many feel they have started their day and it uplifted the spirit.

9) Books, Movies, Pictures on video, Books on tape. Companions, game players, walking attendants... Entertainment! One of our clients hired a burlesque dancing monthly. Each month I think it is the only time I saw him smile. Women tend to like more of a tea and sweets presentation. But we are lifting the spirit and bringing the pleasure of life to the front. Circulation of the mind. It's necessary.

10) Personal services: massage schedule, manicure/pedicure schedule, hair cuts, facials, a barber or salon feel. You may wish to consider what services you want to have if you are not able to schedule. I have a lifestyle of weekly massage and monthly mani/pedis, quarterly facials and quarterly hair services. Minimum. I think the visits are as healing and uplifting as the service itself and when left without... well. Let's just say I would suggest having someone sent to pluck those whiskers ladies. :) No seriously... Medical care is not the same as personal care givers. There has always been a staffing issue at nursing homes and at hospice times or with old age. Not any more. Spa-GO's has the staff and we want to cater to all of life.

11) Spa-GO's recommends taking a spare room and making it your zen room for personal services. We can help you and make sure you get the best out of placing the elements you desire within. We also recommend if you are a senior you consider making sure that room is wheel chair accessible for down the road. This way, less change and more enjoyment. Having a salon and spa room increases property value too! Win-win.

12) Sunshine. Make sure you have a window and you put that you wish to have some sunshine upon you if you can't direct. Sunshine has vitamins and unknown benefits of power. It's one of those natural wonders and you will want some sunshine therapy.

13) A gourmet chef that specializes in food therapies and juicing. This is a bonus if you have the money, but diet is crucial in recovery or in life sustaining. Your health is connected to your intake, mental and diet intakes.

14) Fresh air: you will want to make sure you have access to fresh airstream. Sometimes the air is so saturated with chemicals from treatment, cleaning, disinfecting... A clean air supply is the ultimate in a higher level of care and wellness.

15) Prayer and Blessings: You will want to consider meditation, inspirations or a prayer guide. You can have a private guide to help you with your spiritual needs and add and increase the love you have and what to do with your feelings during this time. Having someone to connect to is crucial in releasing and empowering the mind.

16) Musical Harp Therapies: Vibrational therapies such as harp therapies are an amazing gift to those struggling with depression, end of life, recovery. When having the energy of the harpist or musician focused on the ill or specific person it's an amazing reiki experience. That's the best way I can describe it, a rush! When we are passing on or just struggling with an issue vibrational energy can radiate through us, heal from within. A new yet powerful discoverly, actually..not new, but just now gaining recognition. I would recommend this as needed. It is a bit expensive but not only heals the person in need, heals the household.

CALL SPA-GO'S TO GET HELP WITH CREATING YOUR PLAN OR TO CONNECT WITH OUR LIFESTYLE LAWYER WHO CAN ASSIST YOU IN WRITING AN AMENDMENT OR ADDITION OF CARE. We want you to develop a plan for your safe keeping and add Spa-Go's to helping fulfil your end of life wishes. For our complete menu, 818/249-7724. We'll make sure you are taken care of.

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