Thursday, December 22, 2011


 Anne Fisher - Creator, Owner of Spa-Go's
Master Licensed Therapist of Massage & Healing Arts

THANK YOU’S: Anne wishes to thank her daughter Shaina for her continued friendship and management support… for 6 years of committed service, climbing the tallest hill in LA with supplies in hand, for going without sleep each year during Nickelodeon’s KCA styling party, for answering countless phones, calling her mother daily and for always being there to encourage her.

Anne also thanks her son Raymond for his part in bringing awareness to issues outside of her life that others need and having the courage to face life's problems and  most of all for always bringing something new to the table and a smile to the moment.

Anne could not have made it this far without the companionship of her loyal pets: Frankie Frank, Lebron Jet , Gorgeous George, CW, Cindy-Lou, Charles and Hendrix.

Financial support has been provided by many clients and without the good people of Los Angeles standing by our side, Spa-Go’s success would not have been possible.

Spa-Go's amazing staff who lug their supplies and equipment all through LA, the 405, the 101, the 134, 210, 5, 118, 10 and the rest of the freeways and still manage to arrive and perform wonderful therapies; balancing life and work.  A few to mention are Helen, Cemo, Carla and Connie, Rebekah, Jessica, Heaven, Angel, Priscella, Therese, Leah, Sonjia, Pamela, Aja, Eric, Chad, Vera and Elodie and the World Styling Team.

Spa-Go's thanks vendors that have helped provide products: Pureology, Matrix, Graftobian, EO, Meyers, Hair Flairs, American Hair Imports, Hair Manya, Glop and Glam, Hair Ties by Caroline, nail decals by NailXpression and numerous others.. A special shout out to Beth Jessee, lead stylist of the World Styling Team & NIckelodeon KCA styling pary, owner of Jessee Salon Group in Adrian, Michigan.

Spa-Go's is the largest provider of mobile salon, spa and fitness providers in the Los Angeles area and offers free training, equipment loan and professional development. Spa-Go's is the only team with a single mom's team; African American team, a Vietnamese nail team and an all men's team.
Spa-Go's has 3 mother/daughter teams.

Spa-Go's prides itself on "Bringing Good Things To Life".

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


mini style manicures and pedicures; berry berry facials with cucumber eyes, relaxing massages, hair styling and pretty as a princess make-overs with facial jewels.  Dance floor, fog machine and cat walk too!

manicure, pedicure, mineral mask facials, massage, hair styling, massage and more!
AGE 11-19
Organic pampering manicures, pedicures, collagen serum facials, massage, hair and make-up styling...

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Spa-Go's is now booking live harpists for your next spa party or tea party activity.  We have several harpists, male and female, to fit your needs.  Their music is heavenly and the vibration of their sounds is extremely healing.  Call us for a complimentary quote today.  818/249-7724.,,

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Shannen Doherty is back!  With her own reality television show and Spa-Go's team will perform manicures and pedicures the eve of her and pro celebrity photographer, Kurt Iswarienko's, wedding.   I can't tell you what happens, but you'll definitely be on the edge of your seat! 

Spa-Go's served up organic manicures and pedicures to the group, setting the backyard up in spa style with our luxury wheat colord fabrics and organza bows.  Only the best in products were used, such as our favorite lotion and sanitizer line by EO and all polishes were by OPI.  

Our star therapists began each  treatment with a lovely French lavender salt soak with lots of bubbles, each by EO... and finished with a rejuvenating massage using EO's lavender lotion.  Shannen and her guests enjoyed Spa-Go's  OPI polish caddy, with over 30 polishes, glitters and designer colors. 

The mother of the bride chose OPI's "Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ" and Shannen, the bride, chose a soft pink shade, also by OPI, called "Be Mine".  

The party was held in Malibu, backyard poolside and appetizers were served by a private chef.  Tune in to see the show...  Coming soon on WE TV.  Don't miss us... The Shannen Doherty Project.

Friday, September 23, 2011


Massage Event Rocked Out By Avedis, Sonjia and Eric...

This event was organized by Coyne PR involving a Zen Spa room within the Paley Center in the Radio Listening Room. The guests enjoyed a choice of massage: chair masage, foot massage, shoulder massage or hand and arm massage. Swag bags were given out and the guests had a gourmet spa lounge with healthy bites and spa waters. Guests were entertained in the main gallery and enjoyed a host of food and refreshments.
Chair massage is only $80.00/hour per technician with Spa-Go's and most guests receive 10-15 minute minis. A great treat and boast..
Call Anne At Spa-Go's for a complimentary consultation, 818/249-7724 or for our new corporate page.
Chair massage is just as popular at family gatherings as anywhere. Your family and friends will enjoy the treat.

Monday, September 19, 2011


Spa-Go's was  hired by the A&B Group of Louisiana to perform polishes for OPI, a luxury polish line that coincidentally, Spa-Go's uses 100%.  Spa-GO's uses OPI and has their Katy Perry glitters and their Designer Series Diamond Dust polish when performing at your party or event. 

Shannon W. performing manicures with OPI's new fall polish line. 

Twelve OPI manicurists showing off OPI's new fall colors.  Our team rocked!
Fashion Night Out - Century City Westfield Shopping Promenade
Jeanette, Shannon, Shanice, Vera, Tony, Leah, Tamiko, Mimi, Lauren, Vani, Julia & Shamion

Jeanette performing a children's manicure at Fashion Night Out Using OPI Eat Maine-ly Lobster
A rich pinkish coral color.  Nice!

Jeanette performing polishes at Fashion Night Out - Century City Westfield Shopping Promenade 2011
OPI sported their new fall fashion colors. Nice!

*Always use base and top coats to protect your nail bed and give you a longer lasting wear.  Top companies such as OPI back up their promises of being free of DPT, Toluene and formaldehyde.  We recommend using OPI and hope you will consider Spa-Go's for your next private manicure, pedicure or polish party.  Order your OPI polishes with Spa-GO's. Mail or Hand Delivery Available. 

Saturday, July 30, 2011


I know it seems strange to most, but End of Life is part of life and Spa-Go's has studied for two years ways in which we can make it better. There are many ways to spend end of life. You may say, I think I'm covered. But you are probably talking about your "death", what your plans are after you die... End of life is before you die, but generally a time when you are sedentary and life is less than optimal. End of life can occur at all ages, unfortunately. End of life is as important as your baby years and important decisions need to be thought, recorded and put in place. We never really know when we will be at the mercy of others to fulfill our needs and lifestyle, when we cannot. Here are a few helpful points:

What type of music, food, flowers, scents, personal care products and various fabrics should be recorded. Not everyone is the same and if you don't choose some type of routine for yourself. What type of bed do you want to relax in, quality of sheets, pillows, even if you are moved from your home. If you don't specify, you will undoubtedly get nursing home bleached sheets, a white blanket or whatever someone has around, no seasonal fresh flowers, a varied diet that is more for the masses or easy for the caretaker and music? it will be what the household enjoys, not what you enjoy.

List each point of what is your most basic lifestyle and make a plan.

1) One hour of musical therapy a day would be nice. Go for two hours. Vary it and make sure you make a recording or have the music in question. The memory recall at times of stress, age or disease is tremendous in lifting the spirit.

2) Tea Therapy.. during times of stress, teas can bring a new amount of healing and health. What are your favorites? Have you ever had real tea? My favorite is Lavender Earl Grey.. We sell it, just ask me. I like Monkey Paw too and Apricot for cold teas. I think there is nothing more healing than a gorgeous vintage cup of hot tea. It just feels right.

3) A varied schedule of fresh flowers bedside is recommended and I recommend finding a florist that will bring you fragrant flowers, the sense of smell can be limited, but our sense of smell is very deep. We don't know if we can still benefit from the aromatherapy even if we cannot smell the essence. I believe we will still benefit at a deeper level due to the strength of the natural inhalation elements.

4) I have recorded a various amount of textile therapies to be draped in. I want to feel silk until the day I die, flannel on a rainy day and my satin pillow case. Please consider fabric as therapy when you can't have this.

5) I recommend an aromatherapy machine which you can get for $50 and under. You can then have real aromatic essences full of life dispersed throughout your room or house. Once you smell a room of lavender or roses from essential oils, your can of scent freshener will be tossed, guaranteed.

6) Pet therapy. I love pets, I can't imagine never being offered a chance to have the energy of a pet in my life, if I am bed ridden. I am sure I am the type, since growing up with animals, that would be lifted with the presence of an animal.

7) I don't like Mexican chicken and take out. I have to have lots of my favorites. Does someone know your favorites? Do they know what juice you like? Do you enjoy a certain alcohol? No you may not have alcohol in your diet, but it's sometimes nice to have a sip for celebration or a rub on your lips. I had a client who enjoyed whiskey and we would brush it on his pancakes, so little, but he loved it and the doctor allowed. His grandma's whiskey pancake recipe lived on until he left us. Make sure you have various elements of food listed so you can be served your favorites. Of course the doctor will let you know in the end, if you are sick, but if you are not sick, just ill, you may be allowed anything you like. Yogurt for me, fresh juice, preferable vegetarian diet. Can't live without my breads and sweets. Indian pastries. Redi Whip. Champagne.. Horehound candy, Lavender candies. Fudge from Mackinaw Island. Fresh Fruit.. Tacos soft fried with ground meat, cilantro and green onions. Or take out from my fav. bakery and restaurants. I need I need, as Bob Wiley would say. It's the little things...

8) Perfumes, colognes, fragrances... I don't know how many seniors who have bland no fragrance brands. I realize that some hospitals require no scent, but in home is ok. You can blend your own and enjoy natural essential oil fragrances without alchol or spritzs. Enjoy moisturizers as the skin during stress becomes dehydrated and needs moisture. Lips need moisture. You may need to direct those to apply these things to you because they are not "medically necessary", it is more of a higher quality of lifestyle. Bath with shea butter soap, moisturizer added after bath, dusting with powder and his favorite cologne applied. It's also an element of routine that many feel they have started their day and it uplifted the spirit.

9) Books, Movies, Pictures on video, Books on tape. Companions, game players, walking attendants... Entertainment! One of our clients hired a burlesque dancing monthly. Each month I think it is the only time I saw him smile. Women tend to like more of a tea and sweets presentation. But we are lifting the spirit and bringing the pleasure of life to the front. Circulation of the mind. It's necessary.

10) Personal services: massage schedule, manicure/pedicure schedule, hair cuts, facials, a barber or salon feel. You may wish to consider what services you want to have if you are not able to schedule. I have a lifestyle of weekly massage and monthly mani/pedis, quarterly facials and quarterly hair services. Minimum. I think the visits are as healing and uplifting as the service itself and when left without... well. Let's just say I would suggest having someone sent to pluck those whiskers ladies. :) No seriously... Medical care is not the same as personal care givers. There has always been a staffing issue at nursing homes and at hospice times or with old age. Not any more. Spa-GO's has the staff and we want to cater to all of life.

11) Spa-GO's recommends taking a spare room and making it your zen room for personal services. We can help you and make sure you get the best out of placing the elements you desire within. We also recommend if you are a senior you consider making sure that room is wheel chair accessible for down the road. This way, less change and more enjoyment. Having a salon and spa room increases property value too! Win-win.

12) Sunshine. Make sure you have a window and you put that you wish to have some sunshine upon you if you can't direct. Sunshine has vitamins and unknown benefits of power. It's one of those natural wonders and you will want some sunshine therapy.

13) A gourmet chef that specializes in food therapies and juicing. This is a bonus if you have the money, but diet is crucial in recovery or in life sustaining. Your health is connected to your intake, mental and diet intakes.

14) Fresh air: you will want to make sure you have access to fresh airstream. Sometimes the air is so saturated with chemicals from treatment, cleaning, disinfecting... A clean air supply is the ultimate in a higher level of care and wellness.

15) Prayer and Blessings: You will want to consider meditation, inspirations or a prayer guide. You can have a private guide to help you with your spiritual needs and add and increase the love you have and what to do with your feelings during this time. Having someone to connect to is crucial in releasing and empowering the mind.

16) Musical Harp Therapies: Vibrational therapies such as harp therapies are an amazing gift to those struggling with depression, end of life, recovery. When having the energy of the harpist or musician focused on the ill or specific person it's an amazing reiki experience. That's the best way I can describe it, a rush! When we are passing on or just struggling with an issue vibrational energy can radiate through us, heal from within. A new yet powerful discoverly, actually..not new, but just now gaining recognition. I would recommend this as needed. It is a bit expensive but not only heals the person in need, heals the household.

CALL SPA-GO'S TO GET HELP WITH CREATING YOUR PLAN OR TO CONNECT WITH OUR LIFESTYLE LAWYER WHO CAN ASSIST YOU IN WRITING AN AMENDMENT OR ADDITION OF CARE. We want you to develop a plan for your safe keeping and add Spa-Go's to helping fulfil your end of life wishes. For our complete menu, 818/249-7724. We'll make sure you are taken care of.

Monday, July 25, 2011


The picture on the top are my nails after 1 week of using a product that is new on the market and guarantees itself to be free of all toxic chemicals. The nails on the bottom are an image I found where the nails had been long time damaged by formaldehyde product, nail polish.

I purchased last year 535.00 of this "new" nail polish line. After removing my polish a week and a half later, my entire nail beds were so yellow. I buffed and bleached and tried all the remedies. I called the "nail polish company" and they assured me their polishes were safe. They then said they would refund me. REFUND NEVER CAME! In fact, not only did the refund never come, the owner of this line said eventually that the boxes I returned went to the wrong address and all but a few bottles were broken (96 bottles). She refused to let UPS inspect and left me hanging out to dry! Her associate told me they had located the agent and the color I had used had "yellowing" within it and would I please reconsider returning their products.

LONG STORY... I didn't get my money back, didn't get the few unbroken bottles back and have sent the paperwork off to my lawyer. What can I tell you.. 1) buy a known product, when you are applying any type of product, your health may be at risk. 2) small companies that are up and coming mean well, but are they really doing the necessary testing and can they afford to make the claims the larger companies make? 3) get refund or return policies in writing and make sure you are dealing with local vendors because dealing with companies across state lines can be tricky. 4) Call the FDA to report a company you feel is a threat or danger to the public's consumption.

I can tell you OPI, Essie, China Glaze, Zoya and others sold in your beauty and supply store are safe and I have never had any reaction to me or any of my customers. I can't tell you who the "bad polish" came from until my lawyer handles this case. I consider it a rip off and karma does prevail. If you wait long enough.

Please make sure you use a base coat to protect your nails from any harm and also make sure you use a reputable line. If they can't guarantee their product, offer you a refund if you purchase and won't give this to you in writing or offer it on their online website, PROCEED WITH CAUTION, regardless of how nice they are, how nice their site looks, or whether they are a solid "family" promoting themselves as honorable. Long term formaldehyde ingestion can be very damaging not to just your nails, but your organs. THANK GOD I took the polish off and even though I have, at this time, lost $535 to this company, I didn't lose my health and I didn't end up using or selling it to my valuable customer base. BEWARE.... crappy products are out there and some owners do not stand by their products and think they can swallow your money.

Stay tuned, after we go through the courts, I will be telling you what line was used so you can either avoid them or you can make sure you get a guarantee from them if your nails turn yellow for a full refund.

Monday, July 18, 2011


It's that time of year again. Monday's are our deepest discount @ $25 off all services. Order a massage to your door for $100! Massage is something that is of great health benefit, but also of great enjoyment. Calorie Free! Do you know with Spa-GO's you can share your time. Our family friendly time-shares are all the rage. You can enjoy 6 ten minute foot massage for the same price as an hour relaxation Swedish massage. Enjoy 4 acupressure face lift massages for the price of one hour, $125! Now on Monday's, even better, $100!!! That's just $25 per person.

Monday Madness... It's going on now through August, 2011. Two months, only 8 weeks of discounts.

Must use by 8/31/11 and must have on Monday. *if sold out, will honor for another Monday.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


A great way to have a stay cation in your own home, put on some Jamaican music and let our braiding expert transform your hair into a simple braid, a fashionable braid, a terrific up do or an islander style of full braids like Bo Derek had in the movie "10".

Braiding your hair as a family activity for fun, and showing unity is very good for families. Anything you can do to enjoy life with your children creates life time memories. $150/hour for our expert this can serve from 3-4 guests depending on braid style chosen.

Style Parties With Fashion Fun Hair and Stylish Nails Booking Now, Call today for this very fun party. 818/249-7724

Call us today, 818/249-7724. (great for pre-vacation when you are heading to the islands)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Spa-Go's Performs Employee Appreciation For The Filling Station Restaurant

Spa-Go's enjoyed a day of pampering the workers of the well known restaurant in Orange, California. A day of chair massage was gifted by new owner Tippy and her husband Wisanu. The ladies told me they could barely concentrate due to the fabulous aromas and Tippy's hospitality, serving up pumkin pie and a selection of sandwiches for lunch. It was a delicious day and we are looking forward to a yearly spoil.

Anne is definitely going to try the Cranberry Orange French Toast on her next visit, she had to go with a breakfast sandwhich, but is already planning on a drive down.

You can visit Tippy and Wisanu at the Filling Station, 201 N. Glassel, Orange, California. Corner shop restaurant and plenty of parking. Do some antiquing after lunch. The town is adorable!

Spa-Go's Launches African American Nail Styling Team

Spa-Go's recently had the opportunity to organize, promote and launch the first African American Styling Team. Performing for the Philadelphia SDA Church in Long Beach for their organized spa benefit to appreciate the woman in their church, the men put on lovely day of mini appreciation services. It was enjoyed by many as around 70 guests attended.

Spa-Go's made sure to put out their new luxury designer perfume bar and their new organic bath salt bar for fun in mixing mini take home batches of their custom creations.

The party was a success and watching the men serve lemonaide and little sweets on trays to the ladies was a refreshing inspirational day to all of our team.

Aja McClain lead the team and Shanice Harrison won the OPI give away as a celebration of our launch.

For booking a spa party or for information on booking the African American Styling Team, please call 818/247-7724.

Spa-Go's Chosen By The "Real Women" Of The New Life Church For Santa Barbara Benefit of Boys & Girls Club

Spa-Go's was chosen by the New Life Church, Dale & Amy Swanson, to help assist in providing spa talent for their first annual Mother's Day benefit. The New Life Church put on the spa ritz in providing a wonderful lunch and array of pamperings for rennovation of the Boys & Girls Club in Santa Barbara.

279 services were performed in 2 hours time! Approximately 30 professional spa staff were organized to form a new professional mobile spa team in the Santa Barbara area. Most of the professionals were local to Santa Barbara and from local salons in the Santa Barbara area. Many of the salons and stylists will stay on to join Spa-Go's World Styling Team, which is a team of over 150 professionals in over 15 states.

The ladies of the New Life Church served a lovely spa lunch with delicious chicken salad on a lettuce leaf, French croissants, lemon bars and an assortment of organic teas by California Tea House. Spa-Go's served up mini manicures, pedicures, facials, massage, hair and make-up artistry. It was a great time had by all, a silent auction took place and the guests enjoyed their day. A 12 year old child pianist performed making the event even more spectacular and reminding us why the inspiration of children is always important and keeping the Boys & Girls Club relevent and current in design and technology is a worthy cause.

This event was held in Santa Barbara on April 7, 2011 at the Boys & Girls Club. To donate or participate in future events with the New Life Church, contact Dale or Amy Swanson at 805-687-1116 or write The New Life Church's "Real Women" group whom are committed to extending love to their community through charitable acts of service that promote the betterment of their local neighborhoods and community. For more information on becoming involved in this group, donating to this group, or joining this group, please write to

Spa-Go's throws events world-wide of all sizes. Contact AnneFisher for a complimentary consultation. (90 day notice for large events required). 818/249-7724. Naomi Peroni of Santa Barbara won a $25 Starbucks card for outstanding esthetics work. Naomi also is an amazing make-up stylist. Aja McClain of Los Angeles won a $25 Starbucks card and the OPI manicure bag by OPI. Gift certificates for party give aways, hair and make-up styling and a massage, all delivered to your door were provided by Spa-GO's to get our new Santa Barbara team out in the community.

For a list of staff names and participating salons write to

450 kids, 40 stylists, 8 states, 1 day!


Spa-Go's World Styling Team Was Chosen To Recruit The BEST in Professional Styling Teams & Kid Friendly Styling Products For The Nickelodeon Yearly Party.

450 kids, 40 stylists, 8 states, 1 day! Nickelodeon threw the biggest kids styling party on Earth! Spa-Go's mobile day spa was chosen again, 3rd year straight, by the Promotional Edge event company to recruit the best in hair and nail styling across America as well as find the best in kid friendly products. Spa-Go's chose expert stylist and artistic creationsist Beth Jessee of Jessee Salon Group to lead the team in original styles that would WOW any parent and child.

Products at this event were specifically selected and chosen by Spa-Go's meeting high marks in being kid friendly, kid tested, temporary and safe. Spa-Go's & Beth Jessee chose styling products by Manya of Kemon, hair extensions and crystals by American Hair Imports, hand sanitizer and lotions by EO-Naturals, hair tinsels by Hair Flairs, color hair sprays by Graftobian and waterslide nail decals by NailXpression.

The Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards Show boasts itself as the largest event in Hollywood and the pre-show styling party took place this year on April 1, 2011 at Loews Hotel in Santa Monica and The Fairmont Hotel, also in Santa Monica, California. The actual event had well over 10,000 children in attendance. The KCA awards show is televised in more than 228 million households across Nickelodeon's 50 channels in Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and Latin America.

Participating Stylists & Support Staff: Beth Jessee, Lauri Emerson and Richelle Carson from Jessee Salon Group, Adrian, Michigan; Anthony Rodiles, Judith Ruiz and Marco Ruiz from Pigtails and Crewcuts Salon, San Diego, California; Stephanie Mason, Gulf Port, Mississippi; Heidi Castro, Sonia Vega, Angelica Jasmin Moro, Maritza Orozco, Guillianna Gotuzzo and Marjonelle Manubay from Pelito's Hair Salon, Montebello, California; Tammi Mixen and Amy Sawyer from Lollilocks Kids Salon, Mesa, Arizona and Boulder, Colorado; Robyn Clark, Amber Kohl, Sunshine Weicht, Cindy Yerkey and Hollie Sobelman of Belleza Salon, O'Fallon, Missouri; Jenny Oxier, Tona Marini, Meggan Gonzales, Nicole Johnson, Shelby Clark, Leah Wilson, Brian Jensen, Nichole Becker, Jessica Whyms, Shyra McKie and Jewelina Petry of Salon 7, Reno, Nevada; Yvonne Jeffrey of KAOS Children's Salon of Austin, Texas; Anne Fisher, Shaina Fisher, Chiquita Battle, Shanti Smith-Mensah, Diamond Stanley, Priscella Davis, Christina Garcia, Nichole Grandi, Vera Nemr, Audrey Lusk, Jeffrey and Michelle Graves, Amanda O'Dell, John Bottomley, Roy Halali, Shanice Harrison, Charles Barrett, all of Spa-Go's Mobile Day Spa, Los Angeles, California.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Just a few words to write to you about MUSIC THERAPY... Music is therapy. You don't have to play an instrument to enjoy music. From pre-born infants to the end of our lives, music is a wonderful resource to have in life. When I created the Spa-Go's menu of services I realized adding interesting healing music was key to an extra wonderful service. To hear the native American Indians chant and express their culture and dance, to have a meditative service, quiet but for a cultural infusion into my own body. A wave of energy from the music and the hands.

Taking it one step further. Putting various world themes into Spa-Go's menu, ancient and modern. Have you ever had a manicure/pedicure to Sade? Have Cocktail Jazz play on for a party with mini polish changes... Japanese quiet inspired flutes and chimes infused with a shiatsu service. Incredible.

I believe music in our lives need to be fed to us like nutrition for our bodies to run. What type of music should be heard and how often. To formulate a schedule for your own self, your mind, to relax to, to be inspired by, to pump up your day to.... is key to a really great life. Music makes you healthier, music is therapy, music helps the life force.

Some recommendations from our services are as follows:

Van Morrison's Poetic Champions Compose (great for all services)

Tao Of Healing by Dean Evenson & Li Xiangting

Disney Instruments

Barbra Streisand's Greatest Hits

Elton John, The Beatles, The Stones, Pink Floyd

Cirque Du Soleil's Tapas Rouge

Loreena McKennitt's Book of Secrets

Gabriel Roth & The Mirrors (african tribal drumming)

R. Carlos Nakai & William Eaton with theBlack Lodge Singers, THE BEST!

and others... So get tuned in today, and TURN UP THE MUSIC!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Once Again... Valentine's Day is creeping up and we know what that means. To show the one you love and reward a special friend with an "I Love You" gift. Well, Spa-Go's Mobile Day Spa has the BEST gifts and services in the whole wide world and they can be delivered to your door. Let the pampering begin.

Spa Day Package
* 90 Minute Romantic Guitar Facial
*90 Minute Reflexology Manicure-Pedicure
*90 Minute French Inspired Panacea Massage
4.5 Hours Just $565.00, Delivered!
Ala Carte
*Double Dipped Dark Chocolate Body Wrap
*Romance Specialty Spanish Style Massage
(60 minutes - $150 or 90 minutes - $225)
*Organic White Chocolate & Raspberry Facial
(60 minutes - $175 or 90 minutes - $265)
*$500 Luxury Manicure - Pedicure With Fun Set-Up
(60 minutes - $200 or 90 minutes - $300)
(plus five hundred dollars cash for guest)
*Hair Cut By Celebrity Stylist & Makeover Artist Patrice Bisiot
paris - new york - los angeles - miami
$350 men's cut
$500 ladies cut
(add styling for an additional $100)
Other hair services by Patrice available up on request
*other great cosmotologist professionals are priced at $150/hour