Friday, May 21, 2010


We just received a call for our amazing Moroccan Journey specialty massage. I thought it a great time to remind everyone that spring is a great time to have a combined body scrub and massage service. Summer is here and with ladies jumping into their bikinis buffing off the winter dull dry skin... is a must!

Our Moroccan Journey experience is a specialty massage created by master healing artist and lifestyle expert Anne Fisher. In ancient times water was scarce due to the desert land and travelers would be bathed and rubbed with oils for cleaning. Oils were used prior to soaps in and are still recommended today for cleaning those with very dry and delicate skin conditions or the elderly where showering is difficult if not impossible.

The Moroccan Journey begins with a wonderful salt water bath and relaxing herbal scrub, head to toe. After you are scrubbed you will receive a special massage using exotic oils. Far away sounds play and your journey ends with a blessing of peace and health. A tranquil, calm, spiritual experience.

Enjoy Spa-Go's "Moroccan Journey" today. Call 818/249-7724 for bookings.

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