Saturday, December 12, 2009


It's raining outside, cold and dreary. The perfect day to order up spa services and light a fire. Pour an early glass of wine and relax. Pull your slipper socks up and stay warm.

Spa-Go's staff loves to take care of you in your own home. Whether you want to share spa services with your family and have minis or enjoy a whole day to yourself with a facial, manicure/pedicure and massage. The other night I ordered up chair massages for the boys so they could enjoy some pampering and muscle work during their weekly sports night. My daughter and I enjoy sharing facials and now that we realize that Spa-Go's manicure and pedicures include so much massage time, we can't and won't think of sitting in a cold shop instead of sitting in our living room with a hot cup of cocoa and our favorite music. We never smudge afterwards because we are already home!

Spa-Go's has cranberry sugar scrubs on sale and pumpkin peel facials. Hawaiian Islands manicures and pedicures and rich cocoa butter massages.

So, have a Happier Holiday...order up, and order in!

Spa-Go's extensive mix and match pricing menu makes the best holiday gifts. Spa-Go's has organic bath and body care lines (coconut dreams) and (angel care), for your gift giving or spa basket needs. You can also order the set separately for around $20-$25 per item. The entire 5 piece collection is just $115.00. It includes a 1) bath and soak salts, 2) massage and body oil, 3) sugar scrub, 4) rich shea nut moisturizing butter, 5) body wash.