Saturday, September 5, 2009


This week with our romance menu on special, I came across so many men still in love with their wives, I was completely taken aback. Surprised, me as a single girl in LA generally sees the opposite. There are plenty of couples still in love, pampering their ladies and treating them special. Because of that, we created the best spa romance menu ever! With special music, treats, sweets and the right recipe for lasting memories on special occasions or just because.

One of my favorite services on our romance menu is our Champagne and Roses Manicure-Pedicure... Your love will think she is receiving a wonderful pedicure, surprised by a perfectly chilled bottle of champagne, only to be further surprised with a piece of jewelry presented to her at the end of the service. It's the best way to give jewelry and we work out the details to make it extra special. Presentation is everything in creating life's lasting memories.

Another of my favorite services is our $500.00 manicure. It is our standard luxury manicure/pedicure that comes with a "Vegas style" fan of 5 $100 crisp bills. Just what your loved one would enjoy for a shopping spree after. You should see the ladies eyes light up when they see the cash! Cool..... I'm always envious of the lovely ladies who are spoiled so grandly.

You can write for our special romance menu in full (it's not yet up online) and we'll give you the best ideas that are happening. If you have a romantic idea to spoil your special one, let us help! We love thinking outside of our box and inside of yours.

Anne Fisher - Owner
Creative Director
Spa-Go's Mobile Day Spa
818/249-SPAGOS (7724)

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