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Human Body Maintenance, Repair and Detailing? You may wonder why I would post such a crazy subject. I've never seen human body maintenance, repair or detailing. Well, possibly at the hospital or beauty salon, but... body maintenance you say?

Body maintenance. Americans more than ever need further information and training on how to care for their operating systems. We as Americans don't count calories, we don't moderate high fat and sugar intake, we throw in the towel and frequently order Supersize or XL meal deals. When customers engage in a casual massage I think...that's just great. But when we ask the client "what are your goals for this session?", they go blank and have no idea how to respond. I get it, they just need a little more information. Read below for a quick body maintenance manual, for optimal health and wellness.

Massages: Circulation treatments recommended weekly to every 6 weeks. Your body has memory and will release waste easier and relax quicker when building a routine of massage treatments. There are several styles to choose from. Swedish is your very long gliding, not much pressure basic massage. Deep Tissue is very strong handed. Most everyone is really interested in a combination style service with deep strong kneading in the neck and shoulder region, strong pressure in the hips, back and buttocks and Swedish or effleurage on the legs and arms.

If you enjoy your feet, ears, face and scalp included in the service, make sure you ask for it in advance. Some providers don't include those areas in a basic service. Spa-Go's has over 15 specialty massages and provides sanitized linens, one time use, for your hygienic safety. (if having services elsewhere or from another company...always provide your own sheets if they can't guarantee professional laundering and sanitation. We recommend you also investing in a high end product. Spa-Go's always uses a luxury fine line, but many places don't. Especially your discount businesses.

If packing your own spa bag, include 2 flat sheets, pillow case, blanket and nutritious body oil, organic vitamin enriched sugar scrub and high moisturizing shea added body butter. Spa-Go's sells organic Angel Care (Neroli Fragrance), and Coconut Dreams in a 5 piece set for just $115.00 and you can ship it worldwide.

Facials: Recommended weekly to every 6 weeks as well to condition, clean and improve appearance. Depending on the condition of your skin and goals will determine your schedule. Regular and frequent facials improve skin condition as well as muscle tone and natural lift. I recommend our custom blended Rescue Detox 5+1 as a daily and anytime spritz. I can't live without it and if you notice upon meeting me... 45 years young and no wrinkles!

Manicures/Pedicures: Recommended twice monthly to every 6 weeks. It is a circulation treatment and stimulates the very end of your nerve endings. One of your most sensitive areas on your body are the tips of your fingers and the tips of your toes. Your hands are one of the most noticed parts of your body. Everyone notices a great manicure/pedicure and sometimes it makes the deal, gets you the job, emphasizes that you are clean and organized. Have manicures together to seal the deal. Better than the bar or even better with the bar, Martini Manicures are the rage!

Body Scrubs: Recommended monthly. Performed to remove dead skins and adds softness and conditioning. A true cleaning to all the places you can't reach and done by hand. I love my entire back scrubbed... it feels so good. All sugar scrubs organic and fresh. Over 15 natural essences to choose from.

Body Wraps: Recommended every 6 weeks, unless goal oriented other than deep moisturizing. I enjoy a body wrap to really sweat, open my pores and take in a full consumption of softening and skin nutrition. It's amazing! For the desert rats, ask for some hot stones too! If I have to choose my favorite it would be the cellulite detox wrap for weight reduction. Although I'm pretty thin, I love the spicy essence and the rigorous massage to my fatty buttock area, i really think the more circulation into the fat mixed with lymphatic techniques aids slightly in assisting weight loss, if nutrition and water hydration is kept up and maintained.

Mud Treatments: I like to detox at least monthly. Over 40 and enjoying the California lifestyle... detoxification is necessary. From the smog, to the salt air, to the 3rd glass of wine... It all adds up. I enjoy a mud treatment the best because of the joint relief it gives me. It also tingles and I feel the product activating. I love a rich mineral all natural application. It just connects me to Mother Earth. A mud bath is just as soothing and less mess. Just a quick shower off will do it and the mud Spa-Go's uses is very safe for drains.

Organic Spray Tanning: Tan at your convenience and without the UV damage tanning beds and the beaches provide. Spray tanning helps you get that professional defined look as well and a perfect tan color, never orange! You can go about 2 weeks in between tans. I go about a month, but fade out pretty much by the 30th day. I've tried the self tanners and I've tried the toxic spray on's at the tanning centers and the only one's I recommend are Spa-Go's all natural custom airbrushed. They are a bit more expensive, but they are an even tan, no nasty streaking. Sexy. I want to also note that spray tanning is not just to look hot in a string bikini. Spray tanning gives you a healthy glow. Many of us cannot be in the sun or catch a ray and skin becomes transparent at times. Sometimes when you have tan marks you would like to even them out for a night out. Sometimes you are having a family picture and someone in your family is very ill, just a touch. It's easy, it's fun and it's organic. It's better than going to the beach. Spray tanning doesn't thicken your skin and create "chicken neck". It's the safest way to look tan.

Teeth Whitening: An hour's time and voila! Up to 10 shades whiter and brighter. Easy and convenient for the consumer. We recommend every 2 - 3 months to keep you pearly white. I personally hate this treatment due to my ADD and it's so boring... So, instead of just sitting there Spa-Go's will offer you a mini foot and hand massages and let you enjoy some retro music to make this experience fun. Best before bed so you don't eat and drink for a few hours.

Hair & Make-Up: Every year I like to just be updated by my hairdresser and have new make-up that goes with my new do and new year's flash! Looking good is fantastic, but looking the same year after year is boring. I recommend regular care, but expert consultation yearly. Haircuts should be monthly to every 6-8 weeks. Your hair will actually grow faster with regular mini cuts and styling.. If you haven't changed over to all natural mineral make-up yet, let us help. Animal fats and mineral oil based products are the thing of the past and horrible for your skin!

Fitness: 3x a week is recommended regardless of condition or age. We have a free do it your self program and we also have private therapists that work with you to get you started or work with you regularly forever! Fitness takes care of the strength of your operating system. Very important. I'd be happy to come and work with you on a self plan. I generally work with the over 35 group... But am open to everyone. We have wonderful fitness caretakers that work with professionals, children, animals and groups. Just about every professional you could imagine. Yoga, pilates, electro-stimulation and more!

Nutrition: A nutritionist is a wonderful addition to your lifestyle. I recommend at least a yearly consult on where you are and what your goals are for your future. Having a professional on your team gives a more serious approach to you life and operating system. You can develop a program for your cook to adopt, ask us to assist with your shopping or have a private chef come on your scene once or twice weekly to fill your frig with nothing but great natural snacks and meals. I must note that I save money in the long run and get the nutritionist free. When I take away all the things on my list and eat off of her list I save so much money. I also have the energy to work in so many capacities which proves that nutrition is a major component in health and happiness.

So, Human Body Maintenance. Absolutely! After all... would you buy an expensive car and not change the oil? not put air in the tires? check the brakes and change the belts? Exactly!!!! Your body is your #1 vehicle of transportation. Take care of it!

Anne Fisher
Lifestyle, Massage & Spa Expert

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