Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Everything's coming up roses for Spa-Go's. Our new website, our new services, our new special deals and our launch of our new organic nutritious bath and body care line. Anne and Shaina Fisher have been waiting to find just the right quality product to call their very own at Spa-Go's and make it a signature in all their wonderful health filled services. It's here, Spa-Go's launches two fine lines. Shaina's Hawaiian Islands Collection - Coconut Dreams and Anne's Heaven On Earth Collection - Angel Care. Each collection boasts 5 Pieces (bath salts, bath gel, body oil, body butter and sugar scrub), Just $115.00 For All Five. The lines are both pure, organic and vitamin enriched to nutrify, boost and moisture your skin and body and lift your spirits. Angel Care is so gentle and beautiful smelling we recommend it for pregnancy, infant and senior care. It also makes a wonderful end of life gift. Coconut Dreams is our escape essence that puts you in Hawaii, if only for a moment. Hawaii for under $20 is as good a deal as it gets!

We are looking forward to spoiling you with a truly thoughtful intelligent line. If you can't decide, buy them both! Each day can be a different escape.

Coconut Dreams or Angel Care Body Gloss, 4 oz. $21.00
This deeply nourishing skin gloss creates a radiant silk effect to your body while providing heavenly aromatic pleasure. Use: Massage a light layer all over body after shower. Add to your bath for added skin softening and aromatic bliss. (great for massage!)

Coconut Dreams or Angel Care Bath Gel, 6 oz. $19.00
Make your shower exotic with this gently rich body wash for all over cleansing. Skin will shine when you follow with your favorite body gloss. Use: Gentle enough for all over body washing during shower or bath. Makes a great bubble bath as well. Delight in the pleasurable essences that linger with you all day... (i use this for soft hand soap too!)

Coconut Dreams or Angel Care Body Butter, 8 oz. $23.50
Ultra-rich butter for all over body bliss. Skin drenching shea butter promises to soften skin like never before. Luxuriate in the aromatic pleasure of this lingering essence, which vows to dazzle all who partake. Use: Apply all over body, hands & feet after bath or shower for the ultimate shine. A special treat for your hands & feet. (helps condition and enrich the skin, great for pregnancy and senior care. our brides love it too!)

Coconut Dreams or Angel Care Sugar Glow, 16 oz. $28.00
Unveil your body’s lustrous beauty with this skin polishing rich texture of organic brown sugar, avocado oil & kiwi seeds that release an alluring exotic aromatic voyage. Use: Apply all over body while showering. After rinsing enjoy the sparkle and flower petal softness of your new skin. (wear socks after treatment, overnight is best!)

Coconut Dreams or Angel Care Bath Salts, 16 oz. $23.50 Bask your beautiful self in this well deserved bubble soak for the ultimate luxury bath experience. Organic flower petals adorn your body while you rest & renew in aromatic waters. (if you can only buy one thing, this is the one. you can soak in it each night and it helps with joint and waste removal from the ankle region.)

Anne Fisher
Lifestyle, Massage & Healing Arts Expert
Owner of Spa-Go's Luxury Mobile Day Spa & Lifestyle Co.

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