Friday, July 31, 2009


August is definitely a month where skin is in need of a little tender loving care. The sun's damage, dry weather, smog and air pollution, and dehydration from not drinking enough water are all part of the culprits. Also, the culprits are soaps, moisturizes, perfumes and oils full of cheap, toxic, low quality ingredients and synthetic smelling crap!

You can see that I understand and treat the skin as something worthy of care, nutritional feeding, exfoliation and watering. Our skin is the largest organ of our body's system. The importance of our skin is not just to look good and to feel soft, it's that our skin is healthy so it can do what it's job in our body's operating system is designed to do... Breathe and protect our internal operating system. Skin is porous so it holds dirt and oils as well as nutrients and fragrance. If your skin is full of clogged pores it can't breathe 100% and your entire system suffers. You can treat the outer area of your skin, but good skin condition comes from how you treat the insides of your body. Your skin is a reflection of your entire operating system. There is an old saying that you can't fool the skin. Meaning, the skin shows the signs of life's abuses.

Your skin's condition is one of the first things people notice, behind the designer labels and tags is the real age of the skin, looking good or looking "not so good". Face first, hands and neck second and third. You can't hide the abuse of poor nutrition, prescriptive medicines, lack of hydration and the horrible effects that smoking has on the face and lip tissue. You can easily guess someone's age range through the condition of their skin. It's not just about having a great facial, but a great body care facial as well.

Don't be doom and gloom reading this post. I have over 15 years experience treating the mind, body and skin. Spa-Go's has a new luxury product line that is 100% organic designed for feeding the skin, protecting the skin and nourishing the skin.

Regular facials and body treatments of course make you glow, sparkle and feel good, but regular services to your skin are also health treatments to your main component. Did you also know that regular facials because there is massage and healing movements performed on the heart, throat, third eye and crown chakra encourage health and healing as well as cleaning the skin. Regular facials improve skin tone and lift naturally through the circulation and massage movements in the muscles of the face, neck and chest area.

You can also ask for hand and feet treatments. Spa-Go's has wonderful facial add-ons that include a glycolic hand mask and a reflexology foot massage. Musical therapist accompanies all of our services. We like to recommend Loreena McKennitt's CD, Book of Secrets. It is a celtic style healing journey with moroccan tones and drumming. Music is therapy and we honor your own selections, however, have paired specific music to services for a truly unique experience.

Let us examine the function of the skin: appearance/beauty, protection of internal organs, helps with temperature changes, infection and manufactures vitamin D. How does Spa-Go's help you with your skin? Let me tell the ways, in the next week I will post about the ins and outs of facials, body wraps, body scrubs and mud treatments.

Anne Fisher
Lifestyle, Massage & Healing Arts Expert
Owner of Spa-Go's Luxury Mobile Day Spa & Lifestyle Co.

Don't forget Spa-Go's just launched two new organic lines. Heaven On Earth Collection featuring Neroli fragrance Angel Care. So gentle it was developed for spa birthing and new baby care as well as end of life care and our most popular... Hawaiian Islands Collection featuring the hybrid essence Coconut Dreams. Both are a 5 piece sets, organic and retail for just $115.00 as a set, can be purchased separately or delivered in a gift basket, worldwide.

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