Friday, July 31, 2009


Body Wraps are offered with Spa-Go's. You can have a wrap to give you a intense relaxation experience. Your goals can be hydration based or nutrient based. A wrap is also performed on a massage table. You sit on a plastic sheet while your therapist applies product to your back area. You then lie down and the therapist continues to apply product to as much skin as possible. Next they wrap the plastic sheet around you, a solar blanket and duvet is customary. You are generally given a scalp/temple massage, offered water through a straw and soothed while you process. You should be wrapped at least 20 minutes. Wraps are heat treatments so anyone with heart conditions should mention that a looser wrap and no solar blanket, please...

Many enjoy the heat and the cocoon wrap. I have clients that say they feel like a baby, very safe and warm and enjoy this as an emotional relaxation service. I also have those that feel trapped and claustrophobic. I personally like my feet left out and can only have a wrap for 10 minutes without going stir crazy. I am ADD and although I enjoy a small enclosed areas for meditation and quiet purposes, the bondage of wrap makes me feel out of control, nervous, anxious and unenjoyable. So, it's not for everyone.

I have many clients with joint problems enjoy a wrap with a medicated gel and the warmth seems to aleviate their arthritic conditions. Some wraps are recommended to leave on for greater absorption throughout the day.

Anne Fisher
Lifestyle, Massage & Healing Arts Expert
Owner of Spa-Go's Luxury Mobile Day Spa & Lifestyle Co.

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