Friday, July 31, 2009


Body Scrubs are offered with Spa-Go's in delicious delightful blends. Spa-Go's has two luxury brand sugar scrubs from their Hawaiian Islands and their Heaven on Earth Collections retailing at just $28.00 for 16 ounces. Having an organic sugar scrub is absolutely healthy, pampering and nutritiously healing for the skin. You can use a scrub to your feet, hands and body.

Many of our clientele have never had a body scrub and don't really know the benefits and values of having one. You will generally see sugar scrubs or salt scrubs for sale. Let's go over the differences in your choice.

We recommend sugar scrubs for exfoliation and most all body experiences. Salt is abrasive only beneficial when used as a soak or with compresses, letting the salt bring out the toxins and help drain fluids from the skin (as with epson salts and a sprained swollen ankle). As a body treatment, we recommend sugars.

Note: If your only use of a scrub is for your feet I would recommend salt. Using a salt mixture all over your feet and then soak in the salt scrub creates a salty mixture of water to help drain and relieve water retention, swelling and arthritic conditions in the ankle and joints.

A scrub is performed on a massage table with the client on a plastic sheet. Your technician begins by applying a nutrient rich sugar scrub all over your body. You may wish to wear disposable underwear, an old tube top style bikini or your staff person will wrap you in loose towels. After the application of product you are then either wrapped in an ultra moisture hydration wrap or wiped down with hot towels, a sponge bath or sent to the shower. You generally then return to the massage or treatment table for a application of moisturizer or body butter for the ultimate nutritious body cocktail.

A scrub usually lasts 20-30 minutes, it's necessary to remove dead skin, it cleans all of you, scents your skin, stimulates circulation and improves skin condition. Best of all it feels heavenly!

Choose between our many delicious custom blends by calling our mixing specialist or send a basket or body scrub to a friend today.

Anne Fisher
Lifestyle, Massage & Healing Arts Expert
Owner of Spa-Go's Luxury Mobile Day Spa & Lifestyle Co.

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