Saturday, December 12, 2009


It's raining outside, cold and dreary. The perfect day to order up spa services and light a fire. Pour an early glass of wine and relax. Pull your slipper socks up and stay warm.

Spa-Go's staff loves to take care of you in your own home. Whether you want to share spa services with your family and have minis or enjoy a whole day to yourself with a facial, manicure/pedicure and massage. The other night I ordered up chair massages for the boys so they could enjoy some pampering and muscle work during their weekly sports night. My daughter and I enjoy sharing facials and now that we realize that Spa-Go's manicure and pedicures include so much massage time, we can't and won't think of sitting in a cold shop instead of sitting in our living room with a hot cup of cocoa and our favorite music. We never smudge afterwards because we are already home!

Spa-Go's has cranberry sugar scrubs on sale and pumpkin peel facials. Hawaiian Islands manicures and pedicures and rich cocoa butter massages.

So, have a Happier Holiday...order up, and order in!

Spa-Go's extensive mix and match pricing menu makes the best holiday gifts. Spa-Go's has organic bath and body care lines (coconut dreams) and (angel care), for your gift giving or spa basket needs. You can also order the set separately for around $20-$25 per item. The entire 5 piece collection is just $115.00. It includes a 1) bath and soak salts, 2) massage and body oil, 3) sugar scrub, 4) rich shea nut moisturizing butter, 5) body wash.



Thursday, September 10, 2009



My hair is good and plenty! It takes my entire day to go off to the hairdressers, park and sit there. Bored. Not today though. The 3 to 5 hours I spend on my hair, I’m getting back. I’m having my hair appointment in my own home. Can't you just see me with my feet up, drinking my coffee? Getting cut, colored and styled in front of my own television while I work?? Heaven! I hate going anywhere anymore... I hate the traffic, I hate the crazy LA drivers, I hate parking, I hate the dirty streets, and most of all... I hate having to sit next to others and chat about nothing when I could be doing other things. A true LA execu-diva!

I don’t want to sit in a beauty salon. Many do, and that’s great… But I don’t. I want to stay home and work. A bit of agoraphobia or just plain convenience or maybe I'm a workaholic? Who knows, and who really cares. Mobile services are taking over for just the reasons I listed above. More people than myself feel the very same way. Why should they remove themselves from their safe and gorgeous surroundings to drive into the city, park and be hustled through a shop. I have a hot tub, I have a steam shower, I have a spa room, I have a lovely area, much better than any spa where I share my experience with others. I don’t want that experience. I want an experience of safety, privacy, easy convenience, and best yet... hygienically all mine.. I want everything in life, or as much as possible, to come to me. Delivered everything. I don’t have time to shop, don’t have time to run errands, don’t want to use what time I have left doing mundane things.

So, here I am, waiting for lovely Angelique to burst into my space with her professional supplies and lovely grace and energy. What a special treat to have such qualified professionals that are willing to step into my or your life. I love that about LA. If you go out and about, you meet people who you would never see in your shop. In home, in office services are great for corporate make-overs, well treats for the ill, handi-capped, celebrity, high end sophisticate or the bedridden. Hair appointments can be shared so that entire families can be served in one day at one appointment and make an evening of it.

Just call Spa-Go's for a complimentary quote and consultation. If you need braiding or extensions we can do that too!

Anne Fisher
Lifestyle & Healing Arts Expert

Saturday, September 5, 2009


This week with our romance menu on special, I came across so many men still in love with their wives, I was completely taken aback. Surprised, me as a single girl in LA generally sees the opposite. There are plenty of couples still in love, pampering their ladies and treating them special. Because of that, we created the best spa romance menu ever! With special music, treats, sweets and the right recipe for lasting memories on special occasions or just because.

One of my favorite services on our romance menu is our Champagne and Roses Manicure-Pedicure... Your love will think she is receiving a wonderful pedicure, surprised by a perfectly chilled bottle of champagne, only to be further surprised with a piece of jewelry presented to her at the end of the service. It's the best way to give jewelry and we work out the details to make it extra special. Presentation is everything in creating life's lasting memories.

Another of my favorite services is our $500.00 manicure. It is our standard luxury manicure/pedicure that comes with a "Vegas style" fan of 5 $100 crisp bills. Just what your loved one would enjoy for a shopping spree after. You should see the ladies eyes light up when they see the cash! Cool..... I'm always envious of the lovely ladies who are spoiled so grandly.

You can write for our special romance menu in full (it's not yet up online) and we'll give you the best ideas that are happening. If you have a romantic idea to spoil your special one, let us help! We love thinking outside of our box and inside of yours.

Anne Fisher - Owner
Creative Director
Spa-Go's Mobile Day Spa
818/249-SPAGOS (7724)

Monday, August 24, 2009



In response to world stress, economic recession, and increased costs… Spa-Go’s is responding with a SUMMER BLAST SPA MENU. Spa-Go’s has reduced its rates, July 1, 2009 – August 31, 2009. You can now receive a spa service in your own home or office for just $80.00 on Monday's, Always! If you purchase 5 hours of massage, you can enjoy a passport of services for just $70/hour.

We recommend a body wrap and scrub for after summer skin conditioning followed by a luxury nutrient rich massage. Both can be had for just $150.00! In home and the service is approximately 1.5 to 2 hours in length. A complete list of services can be found online at:

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I should have written about this first, because it is so very very important. With the increase in awareness in spa relief, rejuvenation and wellness there are more people and pets enjoying healthy services than ever before. Here is a list of safety first when having a spa service out in the world and in having a spa service in your own home, office or location.


1) Do they have a licensed staff, are their staff well trained and have certificates posted?

2) Look at the housekeeping and cleanliness of the spa and the therapists. Are their nails clean? Are the blankets clean, the sheets??? Many spas cut corners in housekeeping and laundry services not washing the blanket or just turning the sheets over. Always look around and ask for a tour to the room if you can before having a service. Ask for the lights to be turned on if you can't see. Many spa rooms are dimly lit. If the spa is not clean, you should not have a service or you should bring your own linen set-up. We'll talk about that a bit later...

3) You can ask what type of product will be used on you, and most places allow you to bring you own product. I recommend this at discount spas or with private therapists. Luxury nutritious organic product makes all the difference. I always like to bring my own so there is no cross-contamination of skin cells or hairs, dirt, etc., that can occur when using a lotion or body butter and not using a spatula to remove the product. Some therapists use their hands and dip. I can't recommend enough investing in a line for your spa services unless you know for sure the products used on you will be beneficial to you and your skin condition and goals.

4) Male or Female? You can choose. You don't have to have a male masseuse or a male manicurist. You can request a female. You can even request a female with specific qualifications. You can also request a male. Couple's frequently have a male and a female team, and that's completely allowed. Sometimes, if you have a condition, the spa needs to consult which therapist is trained or comfortable working with you. Not every therapist does pregnancy services or end of life. Stones are specific to higher trainings. Your spa concierge will tell you your options and you can specify when booking what you expect in goals. This helps the concierge choose just the right staff for you. If you have a preference, you should schedule in advance 3-7 days.

5) Are you comfortable? Are you cold? Too warm? Your therapist wants you to be happy and comfortable. Let your staff take care of you to the best of their abilities. If it is a regular request, ask them to note it in your file.

6) Medical concerns should always be discussed with your doctor. Manicurists, estheticians, massage therapists... no matter how great and experienced and nice... do not replace medical care, medical treatment or medical consultation. If you have a medical concern, call your private doctor or your doctor's nurse and review your condition.

7) Obese? Muscular? Thin? Anorexic??? Your types and condition is very much a important in services, especially massage. Having a special body type or body issue is a really great time to focus on your health. Taking care of your health will take care of your skin and appearance. Having a great body treatment will also help treat and nutrify your skin that may have sufferred due to your health. that involves nutrition to the skin It's wonderful, regardless of your body type, having regular services begins a relationship with your health that promotes positive. If you are too shy to go to the spa, have the spa come to you! Spa-Go's was developed for those who couldn't or wouldn't go to a spa, it's perfectly fine to have services in home.

8) Detox/Cleansing?? If you have a drug condition, illegal or prescriptive, circulation treatments like massage will stimulate the drug within you to come out, so you need to be very careful and aware. Massage and circulation techniques as well as heat creates the body to metabolize the drug out of the fat cells and into the blood stream. Detoxing to prescriptive drugs and illegal drugs should be done medically supervised. Spa services offering cleansing and detox are geared towards average conditions such as too much junk food, soda and possibly smoking and alcohol. I caution anyone using spa services to medically detox. The spa is a great place to get in touch with yourself through healthy treatments and make changes in your lifestyle so you can live longer and feel better. I enjoy a nice detox mud wrap about every other month.

9) Children and the spa should always be acquainted prior or the parent/caretaker should ask if the spa accomodates children. Many therapists do not work with children and many spas have rules allowing children in until a certain age. There are many great spa locations, however, just for kids and/or mommy-me spas. Teaching children how to care for their health and enjoy healthy relaxing and rejuvenating treatments is a positive tool in educating your children early on regarding their self and their feelings.

10) Tipping/gratuities at the spa are tricky. Many spas add on a gratuity already, so always ask. The treatments are done on the most of personal levels. Ask if the staff receive 100% of their tips, some don't. Ask if the staff have to share tips with others, sometimes they share with concierge and booking staff or management. It is common to see 15-20% tacked on to your services, you always can leave extra, some places still let you hand tip, some make tipping mandatory. Specialized services, mobile service and late nights or holidays are generally an additional 10%.

11) Underwear or Not? I say take it all off! But, you don't have to. If you don't feel comfortable leave it on. Spa-Go's has a full menu of clothes stay on treatments. We understand those wishing their privacy and the modest client. It is all about you! Reflexology, manicures/pedicures, facials, shiatsu, hair and make-up can all be done with your clothes on... If you leave on your underclothes the therapist knows how to work around it, it is no big deal. . If you leave your underwear on, however, it is harder for the therapist and sometimes uncomfortable to the guest to manipulate the hip muscles and hip joint. Therapeutically, you should be stimulated and circulated, rubbed and massaged, squeezed and kneaded from head to toe. Private body parts and areas are never part of a therapeutic massage, facial or mani/pedi. A trained therapist is an expert at draping sheets and linens so that your private areas are never exposed and you always feel safe and comfortable. So, underwear? or not?? Your choice!

12) Eeek, That technician, or therapist that they have paired me with is so unacceptable. What do you do? You say no thank you. You don't let the service go further. You have the right to having your personal treatment with a therapist that you enjoy and although your decision shouldn't be based on appearance, if you are paired with someone that is not clean or is not in clean clothing you can most certainly say no thank you! If you ordered a female and they send a man, that is unacceptable. Some companies don't know their staff, they don't know their habits, they don't even know if they are licensed and they don't care! If you have expectations or prefer a select type of staff, please let your concierge know. Just understand that licensed trained staff are not always "10" looking models. Many are highly trained, hours of schooling and committed to their field within the healing arts. You don't want a staff person that is just doing it for the money, you want a therapist that is a knowlegable healing arts professional. Spa-Go's has newly licensed to experts in their fields. Just ask and we'll take care of you to the best of our ability.

13) Linens, are they white? Have they been bleached? Have they been professionally laundered? Has the blanket been changed at every client or is the blanket shared by everyone and just the sheets changed? Who really knows unless you can see that they are "hotel" looking. Many spas do not use a linen service and that's ok. But feel free to inspect their linens. Ask how they launder their linens, towels and robes. It matters! When in doubt or when traveling to the discount spa, we recommend a spa bag of 2 flat sheets, a blanket and pillow case for the safest in spa experiences. A wrap if you are having facials and a robe if you are having body services. I enjoy my own sandals as well and take my own hairbrushes and combs. Most people don't look at the sheets. Unfortunately, some people don't change the sheets each time, they just flip the sheets over. Look... Look at the product. Look at the room. If it isn't clean, don't go through with your service and let the manager know they need to reset the room to your satisfaction. If they won't acommodate you, shop around.

14) Spas where girls wear little skirts and low v-neck shirts, where they don't tell you the price over the phone and work 24 hours a day, when they don't have a menu and tell you to come to an apartment, house or condo... These are good signs that this service provider may be catering towards another market. When in doubt, ask questions. Massage establishments must be licensed and in areas where massage can take place. The rooms and door should not be able to lock out customers or the police. When they lock the door it is illegal. You should be able to get out of the spa at all times. Look for spas where trained health professionals work to give you the very best value for your money and your health. You wouldn't want to try a new place in town and realize that other things were going on exactly where you are now naked and your therapist is wearing jewelry, chewing bubblegum and is hardly dressed. I shouldn't make a joke, because some of the nicest upscale luxury spa locations have been busted for doing therapeutic and sexual services. It's good to know who the owner is. We don't recommend anyone gets mixed up with the underground spa locations in and around Los Angeles.

15) Water. Even after a manicure, you should drink 2 full glasses or bottles of water to detox and flush out your system. Even a manicure is a circulation treatment and your body will go... "oh great, let's get rid of this waste", and with the added water, the lymph just sends that waste right on out! Plenty of water after a spa service is necessary. Without water after a service you may experience a head-ache due to the waste not being able to exit. Water plumps up your skin too! A natural boost.

16) Keep jewelry on you or leave it at home. If having services in your home, put all valuables away and out of sight. Take therapist or professional to a general area of your home for control purposes and your own safety. Make sure when having in home services the staff that are brought in or referred are background checked and tested or pass a thorough employment interview. So many agencies now are just sending anyone. It's dangerous out in the world. You should always have your belongs away from you and you should have your purse put away as well. (I put tin foil in my purse so if someone tries to open it i hear it crinkle... I thought of this when I raised teens and I still use it when I close my eyes and my purse is in the room, I get nervous i may fall asleep and be robbed)... Easy.

It's buyer beware in the spa world, so look and listen and ask...
Make your spa day or service the very best.

Anne Fisher
Lifestyle, Massage & Spa Expert

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Human Body Maintenance, Repair and Detailing? You may wonder why I would post such a crazy subject. I've never seen human body maintenance, repair or detailing. Well, possibly at the hospital or beauty salon, but... body maintenance you say?

Body maintenance. Americans more than ever need further information and training on how to care for their operating systems. We as Americans don't count calories, we don't moderate high fat and sugar intake, we throw in the towel and frequently order Supersize or XL meal deals. When customers engage in a casual massage I think...that's just great. But when we ask the client "what are your goals for this session?", they go blank and have no idea how to respond. I get it, they just need a little more information. Read below for a quick body maintenance manual, for optimal health and wellness.

Massages: Circulation treatments recommended weekly to every 6 weeks. Your body has memory and will release waste easier and relax quicker when building a routine of massage treatments. There are several styles to choose from. Swedish is your very long gliding, not much pressure basic massage. Deep Tissue is very strong handed. Most everyone is really interested in a combination style service with deep strong kneading in the neck and shoulder region, strong pressure in the hips, back and buttocks and Swedish or effleurage on the legs and arms.

If you enjoy your feet, ears, face and scalp included in the service, make sure you ask for it in advance. Some providers don't include those areas in a basic service. Spa-Go's has over 15 specialty massages and provides sanitized linens, one time use, for your hygienic safety. (if having services elsewhere or from another company...always provide your own sheets if they can't guarantee professional laundering and sanitation. We recommend you also investing in a high end product. Spa-Go's always uses a luxury fine line, but many places don't. Especially your discount businesses.

If packing your own spa bag, include 2 flat sheets, pillow case, blanket and nutritious body oil, organic vitamin enriched sugar scrub and high moisturizing shea added body butter. Spa-Go's sells organic Angel Care (Neroli Fragrance), and Coconut Dreams in a 5 piece set for just $115.00 and you can ship it worldwide.

Facials: Recommended weekly to every 6 weeks as well to condition, clean and improve appearance. Depending on the condition of your skin and goals will determine your schedule. Regular and frequent facials improve skin condition as well as muscle tone and natural lift. I recommend our custom blended Rescue Detox 5+1 as a daily and anytime spritz. I can't live without it and if you notice upon meeting me... 45 years young and no wrinkles!

Manicures/Pedicures: Recommended twice monthly to every 6 weeks. It is a circulation treatment and stimulates the very end of your nerve endings. One of your most sensitive areas on your body are the tips of your fingers and the tips of your toes. Your hands are one of the most noticed parts of your body. Everyone notices a great manicure/pedicure and sometimes it makes the deal, gets you the job, emphasizes that you are clean and organized. Have manicures together to seal the deal. Better than the bar or even better with the bar, Martini Manicures are the rage!

Body Scrubs: Recommended monthly. Performed to remove dead skins and adds softness and conditioning. A true cleaning to all the places you can't reach and done by hand. I love my entire back scrubbed... it feels so good. All sugar scrubs organic and fresh. Over 15 natural essences to choose from.

Body Wraps: Recommended every 6 weeks, unless goal oriented other than deep moisturizing. I enjoy a body wrap to really sweat, open my pores and take in a full consumption of softening and skin nutrition. It's amazing! For the desert rats, ask for some hot stones too! If I have to choose my favorite it would be the cellulite detox wrap for weight reduction. Although I'm pretty thin, I love the spicy essence and the rigorous massage to my fatty buttock area, i really think the more circulation into the fat mixed with lymphatic techniques aids slightly in assisting weight loss, if nutrition and water hydration is kept up and maintained.

Mud Treatments: I like to detox at least monthly. Over 40 and enjoying the California lifestyle... detoxification is necessary. From the smog, to the salt air, to the 3rd glass of wine... It all adds up. I enjoy a mud treatment the best because of the joint relief it gives me. It also tingles and I feel the product activating. I love a rich mineral all natural application. It just connects me to Mother Earth. A mud bath is just as soothing and less mess. Just a quick shower off will do it and the mud Spa-Go's uses is very safe for drains.

Organic Spray Tanning: Tan at your convenience and without the UV damage tanning beds and the beaches provide. Spray tanning helps you get that professional defined look as well and a perfect tan color, never orange! You can go about 2 weeks in between tans. I go about a month, but fade out pretty much by the 30th day. I've tried the self tanners and I've tried the toxic spray on's at the tanning centers and the only one's I recommend are Spa-Go's all natural custom airbrushed. They are a bit more expensive, but they are an even tan, no nasty streaking. Sexy. I want to also note that spray tanning is not just to look hot in a string bikini. Spray tanning gives you a healthy glow. Many of us cannot be in the sun or catch a ray and skin becomes transparent at times. Sometimes when you have tan marks you would like to even them out for a night out. Sometimes you are having a family picture and someone in your family is very ill, just a touch. It's easy, it's fun and it's organic. It's better than going to the beach. Spray tanning doesn't thicken your skin and create "chicken neck". It's the safest way to look tan.

Teeth Whitening: An hour's time and voila! Up to 10 shades whiter and brighter. Easy and convenient for the consumer. We recommend every 2 - 3 months to keep you pearly white. I personally hate this treatment due to my ADD and it's so boring... So, instead of just sitting there Spa-Go's will offer you a mini foot and hand massages and let you enjoy some retro music to make this experience fun. Best before bed so you don't eat and drink for a few hours.

Hair & Make-Up: Every year I like to just be updated by my hairdresser and have new make-up that goes with my new do and new year's flash! Looking good is fantastic, but looking the same year after year is boring. I recommend regular care, but expert consultation yearly. Haircuts should be monthly to every 6-8 weeks. Your hair will actually grow faster with regular mini cuts and styling.. If you haven't changed over to all natural mineral make-up yet, let us help. Animal fats and mineral oil based products are the thing of the past and horrible for your skin!

Fitness: 3x a week is recommended regardless of condition or age. We have a free do it your self program and we also have private therapists that work with you to get you started or work with you regularly forever! Fitness takes care of the strength of your operating system. Very important. I'd be happy to come and work with you on a self plan. I generally work with the over 35 group... But am open to everyone. We have wonderful fitness caretakers that work with professionals, children, animals and groups. Just about every professional you could imagine. Yoga, pilates, electro-stimulation and more!

Nutrition: A nutritionist is a wonderful addition to your lifestyle. I recommend at least a yearly consult on where you are and what your goals are for your future. Having a professional on your team gives a more serious approach to you life and operating system. You can develop a program for your cook to adopt, ask us to assist with your shopping or have a private chef come on your scene once or twice weekly to fill your frig with nothing but great natural snacks and meals. I must note that I save money in the long run and get the nutritionist free. When I take away all the things on my list and eat off of her list I save so much money. I also have the energy to work in so many capacities which proves that nutrition is a major component in health and happiness.

So, Human Body Maintenance. Absolutely! After all... would you buy an expensive car and not change the oil? not put air in the tires? check the brakes and change the belts? Exactly!!!! Your body is your #1 vehicle of transportation. Take care of it!

Anne Fisher
Lifestyle, Massage & Spa Expert

Friday, July 31, 2009


Spa-Go's loves muds and wouldn't think of having a menu without them. Spa-Go's muds are green, organic and nutritious detoxification aids. We use M, Mud for the Face and Moor mud applications for body, baths and compresses. I love a nutritious mud wrap. A mud wrap detoxes and pulls the waste and toxins from the body and skin. Its rich in nutrients and is both giving and taking, so I consider it very zen and healing. Mud has been used since ancient times. Mud treatments have many benefits read below for more information.

Moor Mud Bath and Body Wrap:
  • Professional athletes use moor mud for sore muscle relief, post-workout muscle tightness, increase flexibility, spasms, sprains and fatigue.
  • Increases body temperature which increases circulation and mobilization of wastes for excretion.
  • Used to relieve pain and increase mobility in joints and muscles.
  • May increase rate of healing in post-operative patients.
  • Weak immune system patients use it routinely to increase their white blood count - AIDS/HIV, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to name a couple.
  • Used for detoxifying patients due to its ability to increase circulation, sweating and nutrient load.
  • Excellent for insomniacs, Type A personalities and others who are under tremendous stress.
When something works as deeply as moor mud, numerous conditions get treated at the core. (List of conditions below) There are no chemicals or additives in Torf Krasno's Moor Mud. Moor Mud is also the common name for our Balneo Peat. It is a 100% natural product imported from the famous spa country of Czech Republic.

Peat baths, also known as moor mud baths, are used daily by European medical doctors to restore people's health. This moor mud spa therapy works from the inside while most therapies only alleviate surface symptoms. Tight sore muscles, joint stiffness and eczema are not surface problems. In order to effectively treat these conditions, the therapy must be penetrating, consistent and full body. A moor mud bath does this. The benefits from one moor mud bath last for days and may resolve the condition. An increase in flexibility is typically seen after the first treatment.

The natural acids and nutrients in peat are the driving force behind its healing abilities. As one aspect of peat opens the skin pores allowing nutrients in and acids out, another aspect actively draws out lactic acid and metabolic wastes from tissues. After just one treatment, your muscle aches, joint stiffness and skin health may be markedly improved. No drugs. No ointments. A natural, effective therapy.

Book a mud treatment today!

Don't forget Spa-Go's just launched two new organic lines. Heaven On Earth Collection featuring Neroli fragrance Angel Care. So gentle it was developed for spa birthing and new baby care as well as end of life care and our most popular... Hawaiian Islands Collection featuring the hybrid essence Coconut Dreams. Both are a 5 piece set, organic, and retail for just $115.00 as a set. Can be purchased separately or delivered in a gift basket, worldwide.

Book A Skin Treatment Today At Spa-Go's!

**Mention this blog and be upgraded to VIP status.

Anne Fisher
Lifestyle, Massage & Healing Arts Expert
Owner of Spa-Go's Luxury Mobile Day Spa & Lifestyle Co.


Body Wraps are offered with Spa-Go's. You can have a wrap to give you a intense relaxation experience. Your goals can be hydration based or nutrient based. A wrap is also performed on a massage table. You sit on a plastic sheet while your therapist applies product to your back area. You then lie down and the therapist continues to apply product to as much skin as possible. Next they wrap the plastic sheet around you, a solar blanket and duvet is customary. You are generally given a scalp/temple massage, offered water through a straw and soothed while you process. You should be wrapped at least 20 minutes. Wraps are heat treatments so anyone with heart conditions should mention that a looser wrap and no solar blanket, please...

Many enjoy the heat and the cocoon wrap. I have clients that say they feel like a baby, very safe and warm and enjoy this as an emotional relaxation service. I also have those that feel trapped and claustrophobic. I personally like my feet left out and can only have a wrap for 10 minutes without going stir crazy. I am ADD and although I enjoy a small enclosed areas for meditation and quiet purposes, the bondage of wrap makes me feel out of control, nervous, anxious and unenjoyable. So, it's not for everyone.

I have many clients with joint problems enjoy a wrap with a medicated gel and the warmth seems to aleviate their arthritic conditions. Some wraps are recommended to leave on for greater absorption throughout the day.

Anne Fisher
Lifestyle, Massage & Healing Arts Expert
Owner of Spa-Go's Luxury Mobile Day Spa & Lifestyle Co.


Body Scrubs are offered with Spa-Go's in delicious delightful blends. Spa-Go's has two luxury brand sugar scrubs from their Hawaiian Islands and their Heaven on Earth Collections retailing at just $28.00 for 16 ounces. Having an organic sugar scrub is absolutely healthy, pampering and nutritiously healing for the skin. You can use a scrub to your feet, hands and body.

Many of our clientele have never had a body scrub and don't really know the benefits and values of having one. You will generally see sugar scrubs or salt scrubs for sale. Let's go over the differences in your choice.

We recommend sugar scrubs for exfoliation and most all body experiences. Salt is abrasive only beneficial when used as a soak or with compresses, letting the salt bring out the toxins and help drain fluids from the skin (as with epson salts and a sprained swollen ankle). As a body treatment, we recommend sugars.

Note: If your only use of a scrub is for your feet I would recommend salt. Using a salt mixture all over your feet and then soak in the salt scrub creates a salty mixture of water to help drain and relieve water retention, swelling and arthritic conditions in the ankle and joints.

A scrub is performed on a massage table with the client on a plastic sheet. Your technician begins by applying a nutrient rich sugar scrub all over your body. You may wish to wear disposable underwear, an old tube top style bikini or your staff person will wrap you in loose towels. After the application of product you are then either wrapped in an ultra moisture hydration wrap or wiped down with hot towels, a sponge bath or sent to the shower. You generally then return to the massage or treatment table for a application of moisturizer or body butter for the ultimate nutritious body cocktail.

A scrub usually lasts 20-30 minutes, it's necessary to remove dead skin, it cleans all of you, scents your skin, stimulates circulation and improves skin condition. Best of all it feels heavenly!

Choose between our many delicious custom blends by calling our mixing specialist or send a basket or body scrub to a friend today.

Anne Fisher
Lifestyle, Massage & Healing Arts Expert
Owner of Spa-Go's Luxury Mobile Day Spa & Lifestyle Co.


Spa-Go's facials are great for skin cleanliness, skin conditions, signs of aging, fine lines and wrinkles, acne and/or rosacea conditions. Facials are generally performed on a massage or facial table where you relax, music is played to soothe you emotionally and remove your mind from day to day clutter. Oxygen, steamed heat or hot towels are offered and begin your session. Facials are necessary to keep you looking and feeling your best, your facial skin will be maintained to the absolute best condition possible and the results will be noticeable.

Some tips to remember when having a facial is to have all your make-up removed and be dressed in a spa wrap so that your specialist has access to your neck, bust area (decollate) and shoulder regions. A good facialist/esthetician will clean your skin, exfoliate and remove the dry and dead layers of skin, mask you in a rich vitamin rich goal oriented mask and then moisturize, massage and apply a toner, a serum and a sunscreen. A great facialist/esthetician asks if you would like extractions before your service. A great facialist/esthetician remains with you at all times and while you are processing your mask cares for your hands and feet and never leaves your side. With Spa-Go's, we only hire the very best! Our trained professionals are specifically selected for the needs of the client. Health, wellness and pampering are in each treatment.

Spa-Go's offer basic facials on Monday's, in home or at a location of your choice, for just $80.00. Weekly rates and specialty facials are priced at $125 and up. You can upgrade to a fruit or chemical peel, add extraction and waxing services or choose an upgraded healing experience such as our "Native American Spirit Experience" where you begin with a smudge, special native American Indian flute music and actual drumming over you for a clearing and cleanse of your energy and a calling of your guardians.

I love being at home when I get facial because I never want to put make-up over a new facial, my hair is never right after being wrapped and I don't want to be seen. I am also very relaxed, whip up a yogurt smoothie and enjoy putting my feet up.

Anne Fisher
Lifestyle, Massage & Healing Arts Expert
Owner of Spa-Go's Luxury Mobile Day Spa & Lifestyle Co.


August is definitely a month where skin is in need of a little tender loving care. The sun's damage, dry weather, smog and air pollution, and dehydration from not drinking enough water are all part of the culprits. Also, the culprits are soaps, moisturizes, perfumes and oils full of cheap, toxic, low quality ingredients and synthetic smelling crap!

You can see that I understand and treat the skin as something worthy of care, nutritional feeding, exfoliation and watering. Our skin is the largest organ of our body's system. The importance of our skin is not just to look good and to feel soft, it's that our skin is healthy so it can do what it's job in our body's operating system is designed to do... Breathe and protect our internal operating system. Skin is porous so it holds dirt and oils as well as nutrients and fragrance. If your skin is full of clogged pores it can't breathe 100% and your entire system suffers. You can treat the outer area of your skin, but good skin condition comes from how you treat the insides of your body. Your skin is a reflection of your entire operating system. There is an old saying that you can't fool the skin. Meaning, the skin shows the signs of life's abuses.

Your skin's condition is one of the first things people notice, behind the designer labels and tags is the real age of the skin, looking good or looking "not so good". Face first, hands and neck second and third. You can't hide the abuse of poor nutrition, prescriptive medicines, lack of hydration and the horrible effects that smoking has on the face and lip tissue. You can easily guess someone's age range through the condition of their skin. It's not just about having a great facial, but a great body care facial as well.

Don't be doom and gloom reading this post. I have over 15 years experience treating the mind, body and skin. Spa-Go's has a new luxury product line that is 100% organic designed for feeding the skin, protecting the skin and nourishing the skin.

Regular facials and body treatments of course make you glow, sparkle and feel good, but regular services to your skin are also health treatments to your main component. Did you also know that regular facials because there is massage and healing movements performed on the heart, throat, third eye and crown chakra encourage health and healing as well as cleaning the skin. Regular facials improve skin tone and lift naturally through the circulation and massage movements in the muscles of the face, neck and chest area.

You can also ask for hand and feet treatments. Spa-Go's has wonderful facial add-ons that include a glycolic hand mask and a reflexology foot massage. Musical therapist accompanies all of our services. We like to recommend Loreena McKennitt's CD, Book of Secrets. It is a celtic style healing journey with moroccan tones and drumming. Music is therapy and we honor your own selections, however, have paired specific music to services for a truly unique experience.

Let us examine the function of the skin: appearance/beauty, protection of internal organs, helps with temperature changes, infection and manufactures vitamin D. How does Spa-Go's help you with your skin? Let me tell the ways, in the next week I will post about the ins and outs of facials, body wraps, body scrubs and mud treatments.

Anne Fisher
Lifestyle, Massage & Healing Arts Expert
Owner of Spa-Go's Luxury Mobile Day Spa & Lifestyle Co.

Don't forget Spa-Go's just launched two new organic lines. Heaven On Earth Collection featuring Neroli fragrance Angel Care. So gentle it was developed for spa birthing and new baby care as well as end of life care and our most popular... Hawaiian Islands Collection featuring the hybrid essence Coconut Dreams. Both are a 5 piece sets, organic and retail for just $115.00 as a set, can be purchased separately or delivered in a gift basket, worldwide.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Everything's coming up roses for Spa-Go's. Our new website, our new services, our new special deals and our launch of our new organic nutritious bath and body care line. Anne and Shaina Fisher have been waiting to find just the right quality product to call their very own at Spa-Go's and make it a signature in all their wonderful health filled services. It's here, Spa-Go's launches two fine lines. Shaina's Hawaiian Islands Collection - Coconut Dreams and Anne's Heaven On Earth Collection - Angel Care. Each collection boasts 5 Pieces (bath salts, bath gel, body oil, body butter and sugar scrub), Just $115.00 For All Five. The lines are both pure, organic and vitamin enriched to nutrify, boost and moisture your skin and body and lift your spirits. Angel Care is so gentle and beautiful smelling we recommend it for pregnancy, infant and senior care. It also makes a wonderful end of life gift. Coconut Dreams is our escape essence that puts you in Hawaii, if only for a moment. Hawaii for under $20 is as good a deal as it gets!

We are looking forward to spoiling you with a truly thoughtful intelligent line. If you can't decide, buy them both! Each day can be a different escape.

Coconut Dreams or Angel Care Body Gloss, 4 oz. $21.00
This deeply nourishing skin gloss creates a radiant silk effect to your body while providing heavenly aromatic pleasure. Use: Massage a light layer all over body after shower. Add to your bath for added skin softening and aromatic bliss. (great for massage!)

Coconut Dreams or Angel Care Bath Gel, 6 oz. $19.00
Make your shower exotic with this gently rich body wash for all over cleansing. Skin will shine when you follow with your favorite body gloss. Use: Gentle enough for all over body washing during shower or bath. Makes a great bubble bath as well. Delight in the pleasurable essences that linger with you all day... (i use this for soft hand soap too!)

Coconut Dreams or Angel Care Body Butter, 8 oz. $23.50
Ultra-rich butter for all over body bliss. Skin drenching shea butter promises to soften skin like never before. Luxuriate in the aromatic pleasure of this lingering essence, which vows to dazzle all who partake. Use: Apply all over body, hands & feet after bath or shower for the ultimate shine. A special treat for your hands & feet. (helps condition and enrich the skin, great for pregnancy and senior care. our brides love it too!)

Coconut Dreams or Angel Care Sugar Glow, 16 oz. $28.00
Unveil your body’s lustrous beauty with this skin polishing rich texture of organic brown sugar, avocado oil & kiwi seeds that release an alluring exotic aromatic voyage. Use: Apply all over body while showering. After rinsing enjoy the sparkle and flower petal softness of your new skin. (wear socks after treatment, overnight is best!)

Coconut Dreams or Angel Care Bath Salts, 16 oz. $23.50 Bask your beautiful self in this well deserved bubble soak for the ultimate luxury bath experience. Organic flower petals adorn your body while you rest & renew in aromatic waters. (if you can only buy one thing, this is the one. you can soak in it each night and it helps with joint and waste removal from the ankle region.)

Anne Fisher
Lifestyle, Massage & Healing Arts Expert
Owner of Spa-Go's Luxury Mobile Day Spa & Lifestyle Co.