Friday, January 16, 2015


Anne Fisher - owner - providing great stress relief chair massages
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Congratulations To Winner Of Gift Certificate - Vista del Mar Charity


To donate to this fine charity, here is the contact information:

Vista Del Mar Child and Family Services
3200 Motor Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90034
310.836.1223 Phone
310.204.4134 Fax


Spa-Go's recently performed for Peak Campus University Gateway's appreciation party for their residents.  If you are attending school, you may wish to check out this unique modern learning living center for your student needs.  Located at 3335 S. Figueroa Street, LA, CA 90007.  The BEST in a live to learn housing facility.  Here is a polish party they sponsored to appreciate their residents with a Victoria's Secret London Fashion Show viewing mixed with candy, cake-pops, popcorn and fresh polishes in golds and pinks.  Thanks to our staff:  Jacqueline, Nicky, Heidi and Yvette for your expert work...and David for his delivery assistance.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Special Thanks To Our Fab Team This Summer
Anne Fisher - Fearless Leader
Sandra Serrano - Set-Up, Delivery & Seating Hostess
Heidi Castro - Seating Hostess & Owner Pelito's Kids Salon
Mayra Nunez- Private Stylist
Rae Steele - Private Stylist
Monique Ching - Private Stylist
Yvette Aguilar - Private Stylist
Shannon Lagarde - Stylist @ Pelito's Kids Salon
Rebecca Glidden - Private Stylist
Selena Acosta - Private Stylist
Andra Vanlandingham - Private Stylist
MichelleWoodley - Private Stylist
Yvette Perez - Private Stylist - Beverly Hills
Michelle Almanza - Private Stylist
Theresa Acosta - Private Stylist
ShaJuana Nibblett - Private Stylist
Margie Aranibar - Private Stylist
Lauren Sturgis - Artist, Design & Henna Artist
Andra Conde - Private Mobile VIP Stylist
Diana Rodriguez - Private Mobile VIP Stylist
Adriana Rossil
Sonjia Breth
Michelle Xavier
Jacqueline Yekikan
Yvette Del Toro
Beth Jessee of Jessee Salon Group for Hair Design & Photo Shoot
Yvette Del Toro, Jacqueline Yekikan, Michelle Xavier & daughter for Nails and Nail Designs

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Wednesday, July 9, 2014


I recently found out that the pornography companies in California (maybe elsewhere too), are making, selling, marketing porn that replicates a child being victimized by an adult. It is being made in local studios and sold by local pornography companies. WHO KNEW??? I can not close my eyes or my mouth any longer. I've heard - It's legal! The actors are over 18! There is first amendment to our constitution, freedom of speech! Ok??? These may be correct, however, it is no excuse for performing a job or working for a company that has no consciousness to the use of this material. 

I am calling for a BAN on these companies, studios and actors. Many people buy their products. However, I'm asking the following:

1/Ban these companies and do not buy any of their products as long as they are helping to sell, make, film, produce or promote kiddy-like porn.

2/Assist me in at least trying to STOP the making, filming, marketing and sales of kiddy-like pornography so that this type of material is not used to groom future victims of pedophiles - which are our children, mine and yours! The only men who would want to watch movies depicting "Dads and Lads" And---yes, this is the title of actual movies on the market today, would be those men or women who want to fantasize about having sexual relations with children (see supportive documentantion below).  For no other reasons would someone buy this material (in my opinion).  Shocking!!!

3/Do your research when buying an adult product, film or online "show".  Make sure you don't buy from those that are contributing to this type of material.

I found out that this is a profitable area for pornography companies and salespersons as the actual real child porn is illegal. With all the work that has been done to stop sex trafficking of children and to stop the sexual assaults on children and we have local pornography companies, without conscience, baiting the pedophiles into fantasizing about "incest" and "child like pornography" by making and selling it (in my opinion).  We have to take action against these people and their companies and the actors that star in the films. Banning their products across the board until they stop making and selling kiddy-like porn.

I am building a website,, with the names of these companies, the actors who star in these films and the marketing and ad personnel who assist them in making money with the depiction of children being victimized and enjoying being victimized by adults. You can view this site, to see if a company you wish to purchase from promotes kiddy like porn, incest porn or teen porn products. 

 Let this be a notice to all companies and staff of these companies, I will "out" you for your participation in this type of material.  I hope you read all the material and how harmful the material is in the wrong hands.  My new website will focus on informing the public, creating a registry of companies that do not offer child-like pornography and those that do.  I never saw myself getting involved in this type of crap, however....  nobody is taking notice, nobody wants to put their name on this and nobody wants to deal with it, however, it is serious and I believe in my heart, that we need to at least try to stop this.

I find it appalling that anyone would want to make money off the victimization of children! Let alone, to encourage, entice, excite a pedophile or registered sex offender by selling them "legal" "kiddy-like" pornography and luring the sickest mind into thinking they should go out and "get a real child", I doubt the children, when shown this material, will be able to tell if they are actors or not.  This is not just my opinion, but the opinion of the Attorney General who's job it is to police child pornography.  Read the links below...

PLEASE HELP ME TAKE A STAND AGAINST THESE INDIVIDUALS AND THEIR COMPANIES. If you would like to volunteer to be an activist, please let me hear your voice. Together we can make a difference. Donations being accepted soon to help with the funding of the site, lectures, facebook infomercials and other educational material to help with the cause.

Supportive Articles: