Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Spa-Go's Is Partnering With Salons & Medical Care Providers - Sign Up Now!

Spa-Go's Mobile Day Spa, Salon & Lifestyle Co. has a new business model - that's right! A better way to serve you.

Many services are not allowed by the State of California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology - and there is nothing we can do about that.  It's easier to get a permit to carry an assault rifle than it is to carry a manicure file.  Please write your congressperson.  People with special needs, disabilities, and/or medical issues all deserve to have the same quality care as you and me.

We offer safe massage based, pampered rejuvenations.  We offer care for seniors and hospice centers, hospitals and assisted living facilities.  We work under various salons in the greater LA area - and the services we cannot perform safely - we refer to our salon partners.  A great add-on to their business and a great add-on to our business. #winning.

We have also expanded into private care assistance for physicians so that you can have your manicures and pedicures directed by your own doctor.   Our licensed provider works under the direction of your physician.  Please give us your doctor's name and phone number and we will arrange a prescription for care, better health services equal a better-lived life!  If you have a medical issue, anxiety, disability or any other reason why you can't get into a salon or spa, we can be of service and if we cannot help you - we will do our best to try to find someone who can.

We are now looking for more doctors and salons to partner with us.  We all work together to make life more bountiful in the salon, spa and lifestyle field.

LICENSED CARE PROVIDERS:  If you are a provider of care: manicurist, pedicurist, facialist, masseuse, hair stylist, and you would like to be part of our team - please email Anne@Spa-Gos.com your resume.

SALONS AND SPAS:  If you are a salon and want referrals to increase your business and would like to use us as your mobile arm, email Anne@Spa-Gos.com.

PHYSICIANS AND MEDICAL OFFICES:  If you are a physician and would like to offer your clientele safe in home or in your office treatments for massage, skin or nail care email Anne@Spa-Gos.com

818/249-7724  or cell 818/359-5020

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Senior nails can be tricky, we specialize in senior care and services offering a licensed tech under a doctor's care and recommendation.  We have a house physician that we can send out if you are unable to get to your own physician.  The medical group charges $300 for a home visit but he will go over many things giving in home care and personal and private attention.

Otherwise, have you own doctor give you an authorization or prescription with permission for services from a licensed massage, manicure, pedicure at your location and we will be all set to perform.  

Seniors are on sometimes dosages of medications, have certain health concerns where massage, facials, manicures or pedicures are not advised (very rare), but we want you to be safe first and pretty second.

Once we get permission from a medical provider that gives us the go ahead -  we will make sure you get the best in mobile care and services.

Our pricing is quite reasonable and we can schedule regular services where our licensed agent visits you monthly or more often.  Please take a moment to read the terrific article written below.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

 $45 Manicure Delivered To Your Door!
Serving The Greater Southern California Area
Spa-Go's is going places and we are meeting the needs of our clientele by reducing our prices and giving your more affordable delivered salon and spa services. Manicures, pedicures, facials, massages, haircuts, braids, styling, blowouts and more! Anything you can get in a salon, spa or fitness center - we can save you time and money - giving you one on one unrushed care - direct to your door!
People tell us the value of having a mobile salon and spa delivery are:
1/ Saving Time - We do the driving so you don't have to!
2/ Convenience - Easy - Just book, pay, and we come to you and bring all the things necessary to serve you. You can relax - let us care for you in the comfort of your own home, event or office setting.
3/ Aggravation Of Travel - 401, 101, 10, 5, 118, 170 - Who wants to travel to and from anywhere with the congestion that Los Angeles has on a daily basis. We save you this aggravation of driving and parking because with Spa-Go's we do the travel for you.
4/ Privacy - We are in your location so if this is a concern, relax, you control the setting and who comes and goes from your location. No worries of other's with cell phones or hidden cameras in restrooms, or the risk of being seen while you are under construction. Spa-Go's takes pride in treating celebrities or high profile persons with the respect and privacy they deserve. We even have a Mr. and Mrs. Smith's booking program for those wishing their identity remains confidential. The staff will be directed to you under an alias. Just ask.
5/ Cleanliness - Mobile salon and spa providers are meeting you with their own supplies and these supplies are often kept at a higher level of cleanliness than in a nail salon where many people are served each day. You will not have to worry about other's leftover hair, skin, nails or anything else other's leave behind after a personal service.
6/ Unrushed care - you are getting one on one care. The technician has traveled to you and will be giving you their undivided time and attention. Salons are trying to make the most of their time and often book more than one person at a time bouncing back and forth. With Spa-Go's mobile care - we treat your session as your own and it's more relaxed and enjoyable. Perfect for seniors and those with special needs.
7/ Multi-Languaged staff. All of our technicians speak fluent English and highly trained and skilled. If you have a language request - just ask. If you are tired of going to a salon where they don't talk to you, don't pay attention to you and speak very little English - not with Spa-Go's. It's all about you and we do care - we consider all of our guests and staff family.
8/ Value of Care. By having more time in your day and less aggravation, the value is greater than just the dollars saved. Our pricing is incredible considering that the staff are working longer and harder for you with a mobile delivery.
9/ Licensed trained qualified staff. Spa-Go's meets and works with each of our providers in many different settings. We have regular gatherings and training days and make sure they are at a high level of skill set so that you are getting someone that our owner Anne Fisher would be happy having to take care of her and her family. If we wouldn't approve of someone they don't get sent off. Spa-Go's does not work like other companies and rarely sees the staff. We see the same staff each and every event and most all of our staff have worked with us for years.
10/ Lucky 13 - Spa-Go's has been in business 13 years, we are found to be trusted, friendly and with a team boasting an advanced knowledge base. If we can do it - we will! We want to take care of you from beginning of your life to the end, so we have created a menu board of services to fit "anytime" in your life or your family's lives. Do you know we love to put on the glitz and the glam but we also serve the infirmed and those needing services during a health issue or special time? Yes, we do. We also throw the best wellness based private services, parties and events - we love being everywhere you are.

Thursday, August 10, 2017


I went to get a pedicure the other day and in flip flops - went to an Asian salon as I was in a hurry and got a spray tan for a weekend event we had coming up.  I wasn't paying attention, I'm 53, I have had so many pedicures - never an issue, ever!  I was relaxing, watching the depressing news and checking my phone when I felt so much pain in my foot area, I said "OUCH" and withdrew my foot, I was bleeding and bleeding badly.  There was nothing to grab to stop the bleeding, the pedicurist seemed unable to understand what had just happened, I said, I'm cut, I'm bleeding, you cut me!  She said, sorry sorry and tried to rinse off the stream of blood trickling from my foot into the pedicure bowl off.  I said, give me a cloth, a towel, I have to stop the bleeding!  I grabbed the towel with the other foot covered in slimey callus remover and put pressure on the wound.  The lady next to me seemed to get excited, moving down a chair to be closer to the "action". She proclaimed she was a nurse and that accidents happen and I would be just fine.  Of course, I could not contain my pain and thoughts of what an idiot, I'm bleeding, a portion of my heel has been chunked out with an illegal instrument, I don't know if it has been sanitized.  There is blood everywhere and nobody knows what to do.  There is no first aid kit, they try to give me a mosquito size band aid.  They say sorry.  Then, they decide I should pay for my service.  I agreed to present a record of myself there.  However, I will be quick to challenge it with my bank.  Yes, of course, I went to the doctor for wound treatment, antibiotics and healing cream.  I had to have a tetanus shot, which you need every 10 years, regardless if you have anything wrong.  I've been unable to walk since.  They didn't clean up the blood with disinfectant either, they used a dry cloth.  I was so shocked.  I really can't believe this happened.  So I'm passing this 2nd public service announcement out tonight.